Friday, February 22, 2008

VLCD Day 16

Injection #16

Loss Today: <1.2>
Round 4 Loss: <14.4>
Loss Total: <72.4>

Oh, my poor sweet neglected blog. I don't know why I can't get into posting updates lately. I guess I'm really trying to limit my computer time and unfortunately that's where this falls.

Firstly, I have to say thank you for all your comments. I want you all to know I appreciate each one of you greatly, and I never meant to insinuate you didn't care. Only that I didn't know if it was worth checking my blog to only read numbers. I love and thank you all for your support.

OK, now let me try to give a bit more of a detailed update of how this round has gone. As you all know, I took an interruption of about 11 days. Company came to town, life was grand, and phase 3 was easy shmeasy. I ended up hovering right around 3 lbs+ LIW and I wasn't stressed over it. In fact, I find that that's where my body likes to sit while in P3. The 2 lb mark just doesn't work for me. That was going well until PMS started - the DAY BEFORE I was due to start P2 again. Lo & behold, this put me up another FIVE pounds. That's right, folks. So suddenly I was EIGHT pounds over LIW. In one day. And no, it had nothing to do with what I ate, it was all PMS, baby. Ugh. I was mortified, and felt like all was wasted, but in the end knew it would come off again. Let me also add here, that while on HCG, it's amazing how I continue to lose or stay the same while on menses. Because when off HCG, it's normal for me to gain 3-5 lbs. Another wonderful thing about our buddy, HCG.

Anyway, my losses this round have been slower than others. I figure PMS'ing with all that water bloat didn't help in the beginning when the big losses usually hit. Also, my menses started on about Day 6 or 7 so that slowed things down. And then, directly after my menses, I entered a period of about 3 days where I only lost .2 of a pound TOTAL. I didn't do an apple day or anything of the sort, I just let it run its course. I figure I'll be taking my last injection this coming Thursday and then be on P3 for at least the following 4 weeks. I probably won't start up again until around the 1st of April or so.

I've come to the conclusion, that for me anyway, it's really important to time my P2s to start at certain times of the month. I definitely think Dr S was on to something when he talks about this in the protocol:
In menstruating women, the best time to start treatment is immediately after a period. Treatment may also be started later, but it is advisable to have at least ten days in hand before the onset of the next period.

In order for us women (or, at least me) to maximize losses, I really do need to start at the appropriate time he designates. Now let's hope I can remember that when I start itching to start up P2 again. :)

I hope everyone is doing fantastically. Happy Friday!

Friday, February 15, 2008

VLCD Day 9

Injection #9

Loss Today: <1.4>
Round 4 Loss: <11.6>

Here's a quick update. To be honest, I haven't really felt like blogging as things have been incredibly busy and I just haven't been in a blogging mood. I do, however, try to stop by everyone else's blogs as often as I can. I wasn't sure if I should still update here with just my stats everyday, or if that's something nobody really cares about.

I'll try to give more details about this round in a later post. I am going ahead & calling this my round 4 since I took an 11 day break and it's just easier for me to track this way.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and enjoys their weekend!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

P3 Day 5

Well, so far so good. I'm hovering every day within the +/-2 LIW. I am, in fact, over my LIW today as I was really bad about my water yesterday. I find that while in P3, I have to force myself to remember to drink enough water. It's funny that while in P2, it's so natural to drink it, but then all of that goes out the window once I'm off VLCD. Bad, Renee, bad.

Some good news. While picking up the kiddos from a friend's birthday party, I went up to talk to the hosting mom as I hadn't seen her in a while and wanted to quickly catch up while the party was wrapping up. As I was walking up to her, she looked puzzled and then suddenly this look of shock traveled across her face. She then started screaming, "OMG! OMG! I didn't even know that was you. You look AMAZING!" I had to tell her she made my day as many people don't say a single word about weight loss. It really felt fantastic to have someone acknowledge my hard work. Combine that with the fact that this morning I tried on my super-comfy uber-fantastic 'ooooh, look at my rear in these!' most-favorite Patagonia size 12 cargo pants and they fit. Wow. We have another birthday party today and I'm going to wear them and yes- probably check myself out in the mirrors all day long.

I've been doing some thinking on when to start back on VLCD. I was going to start on Monday, but I just found out that the out-of-towners aren't leaving until Thursday. Now, I'm not going to wait until Thursday. But I would really like to partake in the luncheon on Monday as everyone is going out for sushi. That's something I don't want to miss. So it's looking like I'll start back on Tuesday and then continue for 21 injections, wrapping up on 2/25. I'm anxious to see how the losses go after this short break. Better? Same? We'll seeee.

Sorry for the delay in posting. Preparing for out-of-towners all the while my husband has been up in SD alllll week left things a little goofy around here. I apologize I haven't had the time to make the rounds on everyone's blogs. I hope to be able to do that soon. I miss you all!

Happy weekend, everyone.