Friday, August 31, 2007

VLCD Day 1

Injection #3

8AM: Well well well, I actually did gain! I was hoping so in a weird sort of way. To prove to myself that I did actually load enough, I suppose. We'll see if that rings true over the next few days.

The injection was so easy today. I guess I simply had a temporary case of wimpitis.

I'm usually not all that hungry for breakfast but this morning was a bit tough. I was making my boys a simple eggs/toast breakfast and it smelled so good - and I don't even really like eggs! And then I found my 70% extra dark cacao organic chocolate bar that I forgot to eat over my load days. Ouch. I'll have to make sure my husband makes good use of that tonight. I certainly don't want it sitting around here. We also received in the mail yesterday a salty, chocolately organic product for us to product test and I made him & the kids take them all to work/school today to test them. Again - the less temptation the better for now. I have to head out to the store to pick up a few more things for this momentous occasion. I already have dinner planned for all of us but need to figure out lunch. Decisions decisions! :)

Lunch: Mmmm. So for lunch I tossed some asparagus spears on the George Foreman and sprinkled with salt & pepper. After those were done a few minutes later, I put on some eye of round steak that had been rubbed down with this BBQ Rub. I love rubs and they are so easy to make yourself without buying store-bought rubs and not knowing exactly what's in them. I'm off to eat my fruit of the moment - which shall be a gloriously ripe organic apple. I did find myself a bit hungry this morning but nothing unbearable. I think it was more of me thinking about food than me being actually hungry. We'll see how tonight goes. Off to drink more water!

Dinner: We just finished up dinner & I'm surprisingly satisfied. I have to admit when I was dividing up some chicken into 100g servings - it looked very small. However, it was exactly the right amount as I feel satisfied and not stuffed - which is a very good thing.

Tonight for the entire family I made chicken kebabs. I marinated theirs in olive oil & spices, etc - mine simply got the Caribbean Chicken Rub treatment. Yes - I am in a rubbing sort of mood today! I'm actually converting all my rub recipes, etc to be protocol friendly and decided today is as good day as any to start putting them to the test. So good! I just popped it on the George Foreman and it was done in a jiffy. I also roasted myself a tomato and it was so sweet. I loved it. I'm still due to eat a fruit (1/2 grapefruit) and I also had another recipe I wanted to test out for "dessert" but that might have to wait until tomorrow. I did get a bit hungry this afternoon but nothing serious. No headaches or anything of the sort - I think more just me missing food, if that makes any sense. I really hope things go well with the scale tomorrow. I'm nervous.

7:30PM: Alright, I tested out my "dessert" recipe. It was simply a Simple Frappuccino and I loved it. Now I'm really nervous for the scale tomorrow. That almost felt like cheating!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 2 Loading

7AM: Surprisingly enough, I'm down .8 lbs this morning. I didn't expect that after that gorgefest yesterday. I suppose it was all that hot air I was expelling. Or, most likely, it's due to me weighing at an hour earlier. I'll be sticking to this schedule more closely now. Hopefully I ate enough yesterday and hopefully I had some hcg running through my system after that injection mishap - that has me a tad worried. We shall see. I'm off now to have a much better run at today's injection (go positive thinking!) and then eat a big fatty breakfast of some sort. I have no idea what.

8AM: I just had to update that my injection went swimmingly this time. I wrote down step by step instructions in my own handwriting and just went through it at my own pace. I was much more relaxed and actually managed to put in the entire injection. Whew. It really is surprising that I simply can't feel those needles going in at all. Thank goodness for that.
Now for breakfast...

8PM: Well, I don't know if I really ate enough today but it's almost too late now to fix it. I ate some breakfast - eggs, bacon, toast. I hate regular bacon, but choked it down.
For lunch - I had a turkey sandwich. I know, not high-fat at all but it's all I had and I was too busy to leave to pick something up. At least I loaded it with some mayo & avocado so that helped. I also tried to do a bit of snacking throughout the day but I simply wasn't hungry - even moreso than yesterday. I never felt sick, just no appetite at all.
Dinner - I just prepared some homemade pizza crust then topped it with pepperoni, ital sausage, green & red peppers, onions, olives, tomatoes, and mozzarella. Lots of it. I hope that's enough for today. Tomorrow's the big day. :)

9PM: Aaaaaaaaand a chocolate shake. Done!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And So It Begins

Injection #1 - Day 1 Loading

I've been really dreading these two loading days. I know many see it as an opportunity to 'cheat' and eat all the stuff they won't be able to eat for a while but for me - I already mostly only eat the foods allowed on protocol. That probably sounds strange coming from someone that needs to lose 100 lbs but there you go.

For breakfast I ate some sausage and egg and cheese with a bagel and I was feeling SO sick just 15 mins later. I know I'll get through these days but I'm already miserable. :( And it's time for lunch and I'm nowhere near hungry. Ugh.

I'll try to cover more on the mixing/injection process later today - maybe. It went horribly for me. I literally was a blumbling mess. I was looking at so many different instructions since they all say something different & I think it just fed my confusion. I'm glad I only have to mix every so often. And the injection itself was an entirely different nightmare. It burned a bit and then bled for a while afterwards even though I aspirated and had no blood. I think I might have also tried to inject too quickly because I thought I was done & removed the needle and then looked at it and there was still some left! Who knows if there's even hcg running through my system at all. I hope it goes more smoothly tomorrow. Holy stress fest. I need a drink. :p

2PM: Bleh. For lunch I had to go pick up some ground beef at the store since all I have here is ground turkey breast. I ended up fixing a grilled hamburger with cheese & mayo and then some homemade onion rings. Still feeling disgusting. I hope I'm eating enough because I don't feel there's any possible way I could be eating more. I'd almost rather have a starving feeling for the next 6 weeks than to feel this sickly. Of course, that's easy to say now, eh? :) I think I need to either go take a hot bath or lie down for a bit. Or both. More later...

730PM: Back from dinner. I'm actually not feeling as bad now. We went to have sushi for dinner. I know - not the best high-fat choice but I had to have it one more time before VLCD starts. I did have squid tempura so that was high in fat. Also a rainbow roll topped with salmon, tuna, and eel. And then the Chefs special roll which had eel sauce and a bunch of stuff all deep fried. So I did get some fat in. It was very yummy. I certainly hope I ate enough today. There was no chance I could have fit any more in this bod.

Beware: Stop reading now if you don't want to venture into TMI territory.

I have to say that I'm also passing gas like a crazy person. Even the dog doesn't want to sit near me. I'm guessing this is another of my body's responses to putting all of this crap into it today. The family just might suffocate of air poisoning by the end of all this tomorrow.

I suppose that's it for today. Sorry to end on such a smelly note. See you tomorrow for day two!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Eagle Has Left The Nest

Can I get a hallelujah and it's about damn time?!

Whew. Finally.

I'll be sure to update when it lands. Let's hope it's closer to the 7 than the 18 business days. I still haven't heard anything back about the other bird. Its wing must be broken or its on vacation on Maui. It's nearing on three weeks, however, and I'm getting to be one impatient frustrated cat, jack. Soon soon soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Keep movin', movin', movin',
Though they're disapprovin',
Keep them doggies movin'

Ahem. Sorry, lil' doggies, I'm just too excited that I have now received my 50lb Digital Postal / Postage Shipping Scale- or as I like to affectionately call it - my food scale. Not that I'll ever be weighing 50lbs of food - holy frijoles. I've tested it out & it seems to be accurate and working like a charm. I really *heart* getting all of these new goodies in the mail. Now I'm ready to put them to use! Well - almost.

I have a homemade pizza crust with a topping or two in the oven that I need to watch so I can't type much. This is one of the last times my family gets to have that for a while. Too bad for them! I just had to hop on here and share my burst of excitement with someone. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

One more thing to check off of my list. I received my last batch of supplies from Research Supply today. On both of my orders they shipped same day via UPS and it only took a couple of days to arrive at my doorstep. I really recommend them for all those misc. supplies you need (minus the hcg).

The following is what I ordered (albeit I had to order in two separate shipments since I had a temporary blonde moment and forgot the smaller needles. Ouch!):

  • (MISCAO) Ampule Opener
  • (SOLVBW) Bacteriostatic Water USP 30ml
  • (STERAM30) 30 ml Amber Sealed Sterile Glass Vial
  • (SYRO60ML5E) 60ml luer lock Syringe w/o Needle Exel 5ct
  • (SYRN3ML1.518EB) 3ml with 1.5" 18g Exel 100ct.
  • (NEEDTSK30G1B) TSK Steriject 30g x 1"; Box 100ct.

  • Note that I am injecting IM (intramuscular) hence the need for the 30g 1" needles. The 18g syringe/needle combo is simply for mixing. Also, the quantity of each item you need is dependent on how many rounds of this protocol you will be completing. For lots more information on how to mix, how much you need, etc - I suggest visiting/joining HCGDieters(it's back up & running now!) as the amount of info there is beyond helpful and the people are some of the best on these internets.

    That's it for now! Time to go organize the rest of my new goodies. :)

    Monday, August 20, 2007

    Dancing Monkeys

    I feel a tad guilty from ignoring this little blog space o' mine, but there's simply nothing on the hcg horizon for me to update. I'm still waiting for the product to arrive and there's only so many times one can announce that it's taking forever.

    At least this past weekend and the days prior have been craaaazy busy with us running around like dancing monkeys (without the cute vests) preparing for school to start up again. Oh - and I've had all day today to be tormented by the littlest of a little singular hair that pops up under my chin everytime PMS seems to rear its ugly head. Too small for tweezers and yet somehow so ginormous that it causes me to go bonkers. How glorious.

    I'm expecting to receive my new food scale in the mail on Wednesday so at least there is that to look forward to. Also, it seems the HcgDieters yahoo group is apparently having some technical problems so an alternate group has been set up at:


    I'm unsure if that's simply a temporary solution or if it's around to stay, but either way it's nice to be able to be back in the loop to read about everyone's adventures and successes.

    I will update again soon...hopefully. :)

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Attn: Walmart Shoppers

    I must admit I'm not a typical Walmart shopper. I don't mean that in any sort of derogatory fashion, I just don't much like the store. There are always SO many people running around, shoving carts into people, racing to get that everyday low price. As if it's going to go anywhere. I was not impressed at all with the very little amount of organic products they offered.  And the 'regular' veggies they offered looked horrendous. I really am spoiled by farmers markets, for sure. It's a bit funny how people are all about Made in the USA products until they hit the produce section (or any other grocery section for that matter), and then they're all about made in the South America or New Zealand or everywhere else products. But THAT is an entirely different rant altogether.

    Last night, I was out & about searching the town for a scale. Oh, the dreaded scale. I had scaled (punpunpun!) several stores and hadn't found anything particular I liked. So - I ventured to the surely-to-have-it megastore. And they did. *cue heavenly music* In fact, almost any type of scale your heart desires. I decided on their most expensive version (surprise, surprise) that measures body fat, body hydration, and your weight (whew). Introducing:
    The Health O Meter Professional Body Fat Monitoring Scale. Da da da!! Looking at it in the store there are also 4 buttons where 4 people can measure/store each of their information. Eureka! And there's four of us in my family. How perfect is that? Of course, the magnitude of this decision didn't hit me until we made it home and started with the programming.

    My husband sets it down on the floor and I begin reading the instructions to him. Hit this button, enter height, hit this button, enter goal, etc etc etc.  He goes through himself, our two boys, and then it's my turn. With these three sets of eyes looking at me wondering why my mouth is no longer moving. It's then, I finally realize I would have to show them my weight on the scale in order to get it programmed. WHAT?! So what if this man has loved me for 16 years, as soon as he sees that number it's SPLITSO! And my boys? They might just har-har-har and run out & scream that embarassing weight to the heavens so all the neighbors would hear. The horrrrror!! I know, I know. None of this would ever happen, but that's exactly where my mind went in a period of about 4 seconds. I ended up telling them that I'd do it myself today since we had just eaten dinner and even the slightest variation would surely send me into a sad state. I also realized this morning that any of our visitors could check out our scale while here and easily tell which button/weight is mine. Right.  It looks like this scale will be put up when company comes over.

    And now, while typing this blog, a bit of anxiety hit me with what is the realization that I will soon be typing out my weight on this very page for the world (or at least myself) to see every single day. I'm trying to embrace this as a good thing, however. That it will symbolize the last hurrah for that weight. An adieu to that number. An adios to the scale wanting to TILT! Danger, Wil Robinson! A complete bon voyage to ever waddling around at this weight again. And even though it might paaaaain me momentarily to type out that ginormous number, it will be the last & only time I'll have to do it, and that feels pretty damn good.

    Friday, August 10, 2007

    While visions of injections danced in their heads

    I find myself having dreams about this protocol and I haven't even started it yet. I dream of the shots and of the mixing and of the weight loss and of the non-loss and of all the possible ups/downs that my twisted dream-filled mind thinks might occur. I dream of my husband giving me the shot and me yelling at him he did it wrong (oh how that's a possibility :) ). I dream of leaving for work and me having forgotten to take my shot and spending my day trying to find a way to sneak back home so I won't screw up my entire 6 week process. At least all of these dreams are giving me plenty of giggles upon waking up each morning. :)

    I know all of these are most likely due to my ever-increasing readiness to get started and the fact that I seem to be read read reading so much on all of this lately. I am slowly starting to convince myself that this wait of receiving the product is for the best in the end and will try to keep my whining/complaining to a minimum. :) Hopefully I'll be able to start up in the next couple of weeks, and that will put my end date of this round sometime around mid-October. In fact, the simple fact that I should be done with all of this current jiggle in my wiggle by next Spring already puts a bounce in my step and makes all of these tortured dreams and seemingly-foreverlong-waiting minutes worth it.

    Thursday, August 9, 2007

    The Wait (Weight) Game

    Everything is ordered (I'll say from where after I receive it) and now all I have to do is wait with this weight.  I plan on doing a candida cleanse as soon as I hear back from an RN.  I won't be doing a colon cleanse as water + veggies cleans out the colon just fine & quite well.  I'm already eating non-processed organic foods so I'll just keep on that path until all of my supplies arrive.

    I am waiting oh-so-impatiently with anticipation.  So many great inspiring people have succeeded with this protocol and I want to be one of them.  Of course I'm having that "Oh, but I'll be different" feeling...but I know I can do this.  It really helps that there is such a great support system in place for those choosing this path.  Truly a wonderful thing to find on these internets.

    Note to self:  Must remember to buy more teas.  Teas teas teas, please!  One can never have enough.