Thursday, January 10, 2008


She has returned. Well, at least for today. I'm certainly not going to promise to return to my daily postings, but I thought I should update this sad, neglected blog o' mine. And play catch up with my buddies.

Things have been very busy here. I'm back teaching full-time and I'm also volunteering some nights as a child advocate. Combine that with the holidays and all sorts of family drama and me wanting to get more painting/sculpting time, and the old habit of updating the blog never registered on my radar.

Phase 2 Round 2
I did have a chance to complete a shortened phase 2 from 11/24-12/19. I think my final total for that round was around 21 pounds. That round was a mess for me. For starters, on my first VLCD day, my menses came two weeks early. So I didn't see the big losses in the beginning that this program usually brings. That put my mind in a not-so-great place. Also, I didn't really load for that round and I think that hurt me because I was really hungry for almost the entire round. I had cravings like crazy and even cheated towards the end. It was like I just couldn't control myself. The thing is, I was totally at ease with my cheating. I even planned which day of the week I was going to cheat, and I did it. I loved it, enjoyed it, then went straight back to being vigilant. And then, I started my menses again at the end of the round. I also noted that I didn't lose hardly any inches that round. I think my hormones must have been wacky and I was retaining water a lot. Who knows but I'm glad that round is over.

I started at 260.8 and finished at 239.4.

For the next couple of weeks after completing the round, I ate whatever I wanted. My weight would fluctuate between 3-6 pounds above LIW. It didn't really phase me much. I blame that on the fact that I KNOW this protocol works and I KNEW at the time that the weight would come off whenever I started up again.

Phase 2 Round 3
I decided to only take a 2 week break between rounds and started loading (in my own healthy, natural way) on 1/4, and just like my first round, I've yet to experience hunger. It's fabulous.

Some stats so far:

VLCD Day 1 250.0
VLCD Day 2 246.4 <3.6>
VLCD Day 3 242.6 <3.8>
VLCD Day 4 239.6 <3.0>
And today, I was at 237.8 <1.8>

So in 4 VLCD days I've lost 12.2 pounds. Not bad. Every single day so far I've eaten the exact same thing. In a rut? Perhaps. But I've been too busy to really want to play with my food much. Pretty unusual for me.

Mid-morning I have a green apple for snack. Lunch is a steak & grilled onion. Mid-afternoon - another green apple. Dinner is grilled chicken & sliced tomato. Easy stuff.

I feel pretty good this round and am sort of just going through the motions. The plan is to stay on phase 2 until the end of February. I'm not sure if I'll go until then or change my mind 308 times before then. I'd really like to see the 100's before I stop this round, however. And we're going back to Paris in March, so I'd like to time it so I can really enjoy some nice wine & bread around that time. We'll see how it all goes from here.

Missed you all! Happy losing to everyone.


cb9094 said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like things have been hectic for you! I sure have missed you, don't be a stranger!

Are you volunteering with CASA?

Becca said...

Renee, you don't know me, but I am a big fan of yours mostly because of your wonderful and free recipe blog. I have used your recipes to keep the protocol a little more interesting and convenient. I also have been checking every few days or so to see when you would start blogging again, so I'm very glad to see you're back and to hear an update. I can't believe how great your losses are on this round so far. I'm very envious.
I've been blogging since the middle of my first round and through P3 (if you can call it that!) and am going to be starting a new round here soon, hopefully with my husband! so check out my blog if you get a chance...
Congratulations on your great losses and welcome back!

BizAdventure said...

Well, all I can say is that it's ABOUT STINKING TIME! ROFL!

Thanks for the update my sweet! And look at your round so far! GO RENEE! You are COOKIN!

Hey girl, I shot you an email a few days ago about some recipes, did you get it?

EweWho said...

I'm so glad to see you are back, Renee! I've been checking your blog anxiously awaiting your return. I've so enjoyed your recipes. Thanks for sharing! From experience I know it is hard to get back into the swing of posting every day, but I'll look forward to reading your blog whenever you do post.