Sunday, January 20, 2008

VLCD Day 15

Injection #15
Loss Today: <.8>
Round 3 Loss: <19.2>
Loss Total: <62.8>

Well, I finally started my menses so hopefully all this bloating will go away soon. At least my moods have settled and I can start acting more like a "normal" person.

My menu for yesterday included green apples, grilled steak & onion for lunch, and a veggie burger with sliced tomato for dinner. 2L water, 2 c coffee with zsweet, 1 c raspberry leaf tea.

On another quick note, I think it was on Ed & Jennifer's blog that Maryg911 made a comment about some people sometimes not noticing (or more aptly, saything anything about) weight loss. I think this is something we all experience. Most of our family/friends probably aren't comfortable with knowing whether we want our weight brought up (again). I recently hit the 60# mark and my in-laws just started to comment and say how great I am looking. And to be honest, I'm just starting to see the difference myself. I can look at the numbers and paper, and know that I'm losing and getting smaller, but it wasn't until this past week or so that I could look at myself in the mirror with almost a shocked look on my face and see such a big difference. I think in part this translates to how I carry myself, exudes confidence, and therefore allows others to see the changes in my body as well. I'm also wearing clothes that actually fit instead of trying to hide my body in such baggy clothes all the time.

I also went on a bit of a small shopping spree yesterday to pick up some new pieces. The good news is that the size large tops will fit me even at my goal weight since my boobs aren't going anywhere and even at my smallest a medium is just too tight in the chest. I also picked up another pair of size 14 pants and a couple size 12s - because I'm an optimist and know I'll be in those 12s again soon enough. I hate shopping, so it was wonderful to be able to walk in, grab my size, and not worry about it not fitting or how it will look. Fantastic.

Enjoy your Sunday!


BizAdventure said...

Girl, you are where I was at 60 lbs lost, I finally saw it. GOOD FOR YOU!

Glad Aunt Flo finally showed up, now she can LEAVE again and things will be just fine!

maryg911 said...

Hey Renee, wow 62 lbs gone, you should be very proud of yourself. Yes, I'm still having trouble with the clothes thing, I'm still wearing the same clothes but at least they are not tight on me showing my bulges. As soon as the new Saver's opens by my house, I'm going there to buy my clothes till I reach my goal weight, then splurge!! Glad to hear you're feeling better and Aunt Flow will soon be gone!!

Renee said...

Thank you, ladies. Hopefully the menses leaves soon so I can get back to business. :)

Ed & Jennifer said...

Hey chicka! Just checking on ya-still good losses, considering all the water weight with TOM.

Thanks for your thoughts on why people don't comment on weight loss, I agree. It will be interesting to hear (or not) the comments when we are all at our goal weights.

I can't believe after 60lbs gone you are NOW seeing a difference-no way! That is a good amount of weight, I'm sure you look so good especially in those new, smaller jeans :)

cb9094 said...

Renee, your last P2, the one you "struggled" with...did you end it early or wait until 21 effective injections? I am doing terrible right now. I am considering stopping cold turkey (only 14 effective injections), doing 3 days of VLCD and taking a week or two rest. I feel like I am wasting my time right now! Maybe if I take a quick break and get my head and body straight...I can go forward with a successful P2?

Or I can keep plugging away and hope I get out of this funk soon!!

What's your 2 cents?


EweWho said...

My SIL had bypass surgery 4 years ago. It was funny because even though I knew she was dropping weight, she still looked the same to me. I mentioned this to her and she was so thankful I felt this way because to her it meant that I saw who she was in spite of the extra weight. (Yes, this is the same one that I was jealous of her weight loss.) Maybe that is how others around us see us. They don't notice because they see beyond the weight.

My aunt commented the other day that when I was walking into the church and she was still in her car that she almost didn't recognize me. This is after only a 30 pound loss!

You are doing great, Renee! I'm glad you are feeling it and it's making you sassy!

Wendy said...

I am so glad you are back Renee~~ You are doing so wonderfully!!! Keep loosing, before you know it, you will be at your goal!!!!

Becca said...

Renee, I wish we lived near each other. I have a stack of nice slacks and sweaters and blouses that are on their way to the goodwill bin. I have enough clothes in smaller sizes that I've been making do as I lose even though I think I'm holding on to them a little longer than necessary just cause it feels so good to have stuff on that's BAGGY for a change. I wore stuff too tight for a while since I refused to go up to a size 16 and who knows how much longer I could have kept to that if I hadn't discovered HCG! Now the 12s are baggy and some of the 10s are still a little snug. I told myself no new pants until I reach goal and so far I have stuck to that. So look out pocketbook once I get there!LOL

B's Journey said...

You are doing great my friend, more than 60 pounds loss must be so incredible, I am only celebrating 30's now.. I can't wait to go shopping for smaller waaayyy smaller sizes.. Big Congrats and keep up the great work