Friday, January 18, 2008

VLCD Day 13

Injection #14
Loss Today: <.2>
Round 3 Loss: <18.0>
Loss Total: <61.6>

At lunch, so I'll perhaps update more later. Still grumpy, still pms'ing, still bloated enough to float my way to China. Here's hoping that subsides soon.

Yesterday's menu included green apples for my fruit, 2L water, 2 c coffee (with zsweet) and 1 L oolong.

Lunch was grilled steak and onion. Dinner was grilled chicken & sliced tomato.


Ed & Jennifer said...

I'm with ya sista! My "lovely lady lumps" huuuuurt today. I'm only on VLCD better not be TOM yet! Sometimes the HCG messes with things. That would sure mess things up if I started this soon into P2! Hopefully my bod will give me another week!

At least it's Friday! Hope you feel better-damn hormones!

maryg911 said...

Hang in there Renee once TOM and PMS leave, the pounds will drop off!! I'm always grumpy during P2 and to top it all off, I work exclusively with men, arrrgh!!

Renee said...

Sorry to hear you're sore! I know exactly what you're going through. HCG does usually throw my menses off its regular schedule. I can tell it's due to be here any day, it's just taking it's sweet time and driving me crazy in the process. :)

Thanks. :) We'll just have to be grumpy together. HA!

B's Journey said...

Hello Renee,
Thank for for stopping by, I'm sorry that you don't feel good. TOM also drives my nuts, I've always had a lot of pain, bloating and headaches.
Hope you feel better my friend..