Tuesday, January 22, 2008

VLCD Day 17

Injection #17
Loss Today: <.2>
Round 3 Loss: <20.2>
Loss Total: <63.8>

Short post today. I'm having one of those very trying, stressful days. Nothing to do with the protocol, just everything else hitting all at once. I thought I should go ahead & get my stats up though. Even if it is a piddly .2/lb, it's still that much closer to my goal. And I did actually hit the next 'tens'. Hopefully this silly menses will go away soon enough as well.

Big thanks to all of you who commented yesterday. To answer your question, Jenn, my goal for this round was to get to the 100s. Now, that's a big goal and might not be attainable since it's still 29.8 lbs away. I am, however, shooting to do a longer round this round, so I might get close. The closer the better, of course. I do want to be done with this round sometime around the 25th of February so I can be on phase 4 in time for our trip to Paris in March. Wish me luck! ;)

Menu yesterday included 2 green apples, grilled steak & onion, and grilled chicken with lettuce & homemade dressing.

More tomorrow. Happy losses to everyone.


Ed & Jennifer said...

Renee, with the way this round is going for you, you'll get to your goal! Oh, Paris...I have been there once...words do no justice! We are planning a trip the end of March as a reward for 3 completed rounds (and as a late b-day for me)! We were planning on Mexico but we've been there so often so now we're thinkin' Costa Rica-either way we are getting the H** outta here!

Still a loss today-better than nothin! Tomorrow will better girlfriend.

maryg911 said...

Don't let the stress get to you but I hope your day gets better or whatever it is troubling you. (((Hugs))) Ah, yes, that darn menses, they sure can but a damper on things, right?

Renee said...

Thank you for the confidence, Jenn. :) I love Paris as well. We postponed our trip from the fall since I was starting protocol. I'm so glad I'll be able to enjoy it while thinner, and also be on P4 so I can be all over the wine & bread. ;)

Thanks much for the hugs. They were needed today! Slowly relaxing at home is definitely helping. Not to mention the 40 minute steaming hot bath I took. Ahhhh. It's good to be home. :)

cb9094 said...

Renee, you will make your goal. I just know it! Something is different about you this round...confident, happy, maybe feeling thin? I can't put my finger on it but you sound GREAT! Like becca wrote, attitude is everything and girl you've got it!

I'm sending you those BIG WEIGHT LOSS VIBES! Tomorrow will bring a big loss.

Marshall said...

Renee, you're doing great---I don't think I've ever seen anybody actually continue losing through their TOM, so when it's over, you're going to be reporting big losses. Congrats!


Becca said...

Any loss is a good loss, right? I see you had steak and onions yesterday. I just printed out Monica's instructions for her steak and onions which sounded so delicious that I can't wait to try it. She left it as a reply to my comment asking how she did it. Oh dang, now I'm getting myself hungry talking about that...

BizAdventure said...

Gosh Paris, what a lucky dawg! (And Jenn, you just wanna go to Costa Rica so you can get your lips done too!)

Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the comments!

What Becca said, any loss is a good loss, especially when TOM is around! Your doing great Renee, it's so nice to have you back around again!

Renee said...

Thank you. I really appreciate that more than you know. Knowing you're out there, supporting me, means so much. Thank you, again.

I appreciate that! Here's hoping you're right on. :) I know that while I'm not on hCG, I usually gain 3-5/lbs during TOM so I am definitely happy the scale has continue to go down. Thanks for checking in!

I've eaten grilled steak & onions practically every day on this round. Except for today I'll be switching it up. Living dangerously! HAHA!

Thank you so much. I appreciate that. It's just as wonderful having you back (even though it was me that left) as well. :)