Sunday, January 13, 2008

VLCD Day 8

Injection #9
Loss Today: <1.0>
Round 3 Loss: <15.2>
Loss Total: <58.8>

I have to admit that I wondered if I'd still get a great loss today. Yesterday I ran into a bit of a quandry. At dinnertime, I found I had nothing thawed. Well, nothing I wanted. I (thought I) had taken out a chicken serving, and upon readying it for preparation, discovered it was indeed fish. Oops. I wasn't in the mood for fish. I thought about fixing eggs, but I have to be in a certain mood for eggs. And yep, the egg-mood wasn't there. So I decided to take a jump and try having a veggie burger. I've had them sitting up in my freezer waiting to use on the protocol to see if they would have any adverse affects. I served it up with some grilled onion with Braggs (surprise, surprise) and it was so yummy. I'll have to have them again as I always have these on the ready for the kids (and myself off-protocol), and I've always leaned more towards being vegetarian than carnivore. But, I still like my meat on occasion.

Somewhat on this same subject, I also had the option to use a protein shake for my evening meal as I know some of our veggies (and others) have used those successfully. I, however, have not. I noted whenever I've used it, I don't lose. Which, honestly, is fine by me. I really prefer to chew my meals anyway.

Just to add in, for lunch I grilled a steak and served it atop lettuce with sugar free dressing. Also to note, I've used those dressings throughout all of my phases with no problem. I sometimes make my own, but those dressings come in little packets and it makes it really convenient for when I'm on the go.

Busy day planned for today. At least the sun is out. That always helps keep me a bit more sane. Happy day, everyone.


maryg911 said...

Hey Renee, I use veggie burgers also when I'm on P2. My work hours are crazy so these burgers are perfect for me to take with me and they are actually pretty good along with a veggie of choice. Hey and look at you go girl!! Keep up the good work and keep us posted!!

cb9094 said...

15 pounds in 8 days! You go, girl! Thanks for talking about the shakes, I've been thinking about buying them and trying. Food is making me gag right now, so I thought drinking a meal might be a nice change! I'll blog about any weight changes I notice when I drink them.

Have a great Sunday!

BizAdventure said...

Hey girl, you are doing remarkable this round, congrats on that! You deserve it.

I am toying with the idea of adding broccoli and cauliflower on my 4th round, what are your thoughts on that?

Let me know when you get your new email set up.