Thursday, January 24, 2008

VLCD Day 19

Injection #19
Loss Today: ?
Round 3 Loss: <21.2>
Loss Total: <64.8>

No update on my losses for today. I had an early meeting at school and had to leave a couple hours before my normal weigh-in time, so I really have no idea where I'm at today. It makes me a bit nervous only because I like to know where I'm at each day. I am very thirsty today which may have something to do with the fact that
apparently my menses is still hanging around. It mysteriously appeared out of the blue again today so I'm still having to put up with that. That silly thing just needs to go already. :)

I've been giving some thought to taking an interruption next week. We're going to have some people come in from out of state and we'll be celebrating three birthdays total (including mine from the beginning of Jan.) and the wine and martinis will be plenty. And the beer. And the gin & tonics. Ok, now Jennifer isn't the only one sounding like a lush. ;)

You all know me, so you know my decision on this will change 30 times before next week comes. However, this is one idea I've been tossing around. To stop this weekend after 22-23 injections, take the 72 hours, live life like a really, really short modified P3 over the rest of that week & the weekend. It would be about 4 days. Then that Monday start up injections/VLCD again which would give me 21 more injections before I'm wanting to stop around 2/24. However, I'm not sure what this would do. One concern I have is that I would gain 2-3 pounds (or more) and then my hard work over this entire past week (or longer) would be shot. I'm not really sure I'm willing to risk that. On the other hand, I'm thinking maybe taking a short break might kickstart losses again and it's a theory I've been wanting to test - especially since 225 is a set point for me and I just might need an extra boost to get past it. Since this was due to be a 50+ vlcd round for me, I'm wondering if this isn't the time to find out and maybe a short break isn't a bad thing when doing an extended round. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing since I am mentally/emotionally in a good place on this round and I don't really want to do anything to sabotage that, or my losses. Buuuuut, I'm curious. And obviously confused. Who knows, it might not affect anything and I'll continue to lose at the normal rate which would be just as wonderful. I probably won't make a decision until Sunday or Monday and see how my losses go up until then. So that's what has been bouncing around in this ol' head o' mine.

On to my menu for yesterday.
Again, my fruits were green apples. I have so many of those from the past fall and will probably be eating them for months. Luckily, I love them.
Lunch was Cinnamon Curry Chicken Soup.
Dinner was a veggie burger and sliced tomato.
Fluids included 2L water and 1L oolong.

I'll run around visiting everyone's blogs later tonight after I get home. I hope everyone's Thursday is a great one.


BizAdventure said...

Girlfriend...JPS and I were discussing this the other day. We were considering doing something similar when we get to our 5th round until goal. We were thinking of doing 3 weeks on (the required 21 injections) then 10 - 13 days off (planned interruption) and then straight back into vlcd for another 21 required injections, and then another 10 - 13 days off.

The trick with this theory is to maintain during those 10 - 13 days. If you don't go nutz, it should work.

Tell me what you think.

Renee said...

That's exactly what I did between my 2nd & 3rd rounds and it doesn't seem to be hindering me so far. Let me check something...,
Yes, it was 15 days between those rounds. I think that's definitely feasible.
My only worry with doing it this round was it would be so short of an interruption. But I'm thinking worst case, I'll still continue to lose at the same rate once I get started again so I'm not going to suffer any ramifications (as long as I don't gain much on that interruption). Best case, I might even get a few big losses in the beginning again all over again.

Either way, I'm thinking the short rounds with short breaks are the way to go since we know most people never suffer immunity anyway. And that gives your body a chance to regroup more often since you're taking shorter rounds.


BizAdventure said...

The trick, like I said is the maintaining. Now since you mentioned liquor flowing freely, if you were able to stick to diet sodas (I know, yuck) and clear liquors, or lite beers or straight liquor, or dark wines (no sweet stuff) no liquers, you should be fine, but keep off all the carbs. That would be the ONLY way to do it.

When I was doing Atkins, I drank alot during the summer, especially when the Michelob Ultra came out. It never hindered my losses, but I didn't touch the carbs. I pretty much stayed at 25 - 50 carbs a day during the whole time I was on Atkins and lost all that weight.

If you can maintain that kind of plan, then it shouldn't be so bad, but make sure you give yourself the required three days of VLCD before you start that. He never says how short the interruption should be. The only requirements he gives us is to keep it at least 800 cals, to go no more than 2 weeks, and to not reload.

You went 15 days? Did you go straight back into VLCD or did you load again? Was it 15 days from your first regular day or after your shots?

Renee said...

Well, it was 15 days from my R2 LIW that I started R3, so it was about 12 days on P3 between rds. Also, I did load to start this round, but my load isn't always like everyone elses. I don't load on high-sugar foods, fast food, etc. I just toss in higher fat foods (cheese and avocados), and make sure I make time for sashimi and ice cream. :) I usually write down what I eat on my load days, but didn't this round. I don't load to capacity like some, but I definitely make it a point to consume more calories and fat than usual. I didn't do that to start my 2nd round and I could definitely tell a difference with hunger, but that was after a 6 week break.

Now, I know that loading with those short breaks isn't necessary for everyone, but I felt I needed to do it (even if for pure psychological reasons) since my R2 was so emotionally trying. That being said, if I take the interruption next week, I wouldn't load since I would only be off VLCD for 3-5 days.

You're right. I think maintaining is the issue. Here's what I'm thinking...
I'm not going to go overboard with the drinking, but I'd like to partake in a glass of wine or a martini. Also, I'm still going to eat mostly P2 foods, but I don't want to have to be so stringent since we'll be celebrating out at restaurants almost all three days. I'm still not going to have any birthday cake (sugars), etc.

Thank you much, Biz. I really appreciate all of your input on this.

BizAdventure said...

Girl, it's helping me out as well, like I said, me and JPS were just talking about this, so I will be watching you carefully to see how it goes! ROFL - so yeah, it's purely selfish!

Ok cool - cause he does say 2 weeks is the max, and you were under it. And I hear what you say about the loading.

Seriously, if all you are planning is a 3 - 5 day POST VLCD break? I don't think that you will gain anything. In fact, there is a chance you could continue to lose, and I wouldn't fret it if you did. It seems that every break I take, the first 5 - 7 days I keep losing, don't ask me why, but it happens. And maybe it will happen for you too!

Like I said, I will be watching, so please let us know how it's going as it's happening ok??? We need DETAILS!

maryg911 said...

Wow, are we all experimenting with this "interuption", but I get to be the first. I think mine may be a bit more difficult though, since I'm doing it so early in the game and tomorrow will be Test 1. I hope it helps as well to kickstart my losses too since I'm nearing my LIW and that seemed like forever to get to during my 2nd round!! Please keep us posted, we are all watching and waiting!! Take care!

Ed & Jennifer said...

And my only question you go off of your BMR and eat that many cals or do you only consume 800? Protein, protein, protein. We got hooked on the SlimFast during P3 because of the high protein and we would sometimes have 2 a day (plus lots of meats, cheese) if we knew we were going to be drinking-it worked out great! I was 2 lbs UNDER my LIW for a week until I totally blew it!

I think you'll be fine-this will be another great "experiment" that we are becoming seasoned vetrans we can start testing some stuff! Sorry Biz, we beat you in testing the alquee in P2! Ed and I are the perfect candidates for that test-LOL!

Becca said...

Hey whatever you decide it will be a great experiment. Keep us posted. I think you'll do fine eating high fat and protien and then going right back on HCG. I doubt that you'd sabotoge yourself.

EweWho said...

I agree with everyone else. I think you could successfully take a break and jump right back on the wagon. Your body may never even notice.

I just found out yesterday that I'm going to CA at the end of next month. I'm going to watch to see how you and others do the planned interruption and then may try it myself.