Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Wait (Weight) Game

Everything is ordered (I'll say from where after I receive it) and now all I have to do is wait with this weight.  I plan on doing a candida cleanse as soon as I hear back from an RN.  I won't be doing a colon cleanse as water + veggies cleans out the colon just fine & quite well.  I'm already eating non-processed organic foods so I'll just keep on that path until all of my supplies arrive.

I am waiting oh-so-impatiently with anticipation.  So many great inspiring people have succeeded with this protocol and I want to be one of them.  Of course I'm having that "Oh, but I'll be different" feeling...but I know I can do this.  It really helps that there is such a great support system in place for those choosing this path.  Truly a wonderful thing to find on these internets.

Note to self:  Must remember to buy more teas.  Teas teas teas, please!  One can never have enough.

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