Friday, August 31, 2007

VLCD Day 1

Injection #3

8AM: Well well well, I actually did gain! I was hoping so in a weird sort of way. To prove to myself that I did actually load enough, I suppose. We'll see if that rings true over the next few days.

The injection was so easy today. I guess I simply had a temporary case of wimpitis.

I'm usually not all that hungry for breakfast but this morning was a bit tough. I was making my boys a simple eggs/toast breakfast and it smelled so good - and I don't even really like eggs! And then I found my 70% extra dark cacao organic chocolate bar that I forgot to eat over my load days. Ouch. I'll have to make sure my husband makes good use of that tonight. I certainly don't want it sitting around here. We also received in the mail yesterday a salty, chocolately organic product for us to product test and I made him & the kids take them all to work/school today to test them. Again - the less temptation the better for now. I have to head out to the store to pick up a few more things for this momentous occasion. I already have dinner planned for all of us but need to figure out lunch. Decisions decisions! :)

Lunch: Mmmm. So for lunch I tossed some asparagus spears on the George Foreman and sprinkled with salt & pepper. After those were done a few minutes later, I put on some eye of round steak that had been rubbed down with this BBQ Rub. I love rubs and they are so easy to make yourself without buying store-bought rubs and not knowing exactly what's in them. I'm off to eat my fruit of the moment - which shall be a gloriously ripe organic apple. I did find myself a bit hungry this morning but nothing unbearable. I think it was more of me thinking about food than me being actually hungry. We'll see how tonight goes. Off to drink more water!

Dinner: We just finished up dinner & I'm surprisingly satisfied. I have to admit when I was dividing up some chicken into 100g servings - it looked very small. However, it was exactly the right amount as I feel satisfied and not stuffed - which is a very good thing.

Tonight for the entire family I made chicken kebabs. I marinated theirs in olive oil & spices, etc - mine simply got the Caribbean Chicken Rub treatment. Yes - I am in a rubbing sort of mood today! I'm actually converting all my rub recipes, etc to be protocol friendly and decided today is as good day as any to start putting them to the test. So good! I just popped it on the George Foreman and it was done in a jiffy. I also roasted myself a tomato and it was so sweet. I loved it. I'm still due to eat a fruit (1/2 grapefruit) and I also had another recipe I wanted to test out for "dessert" but that might have to wait until tomorrow. I did get a bit hungry this afternoon but nothing serious. No headaches or anything of the sort - I think more just me missing food, if that makes any sense. I really hope things go well with the scale tomorrow. I'm nervous.

7:30PM: Alright, I tested out my "dessert" recipe. It was simply a Simple Frappuccino and I loved it. Now I'm really nervous for the scale tomorrow. That almost felt like cheating!


BizAdventure said...

HA! I still have a Snickers and a LARGE package of Peanut M&M's in my fridge from my load days when I just couldn't possibly put another thing in my mouth! They are waiting for my round 2!!! LOL - Can't wait to hear more of your experiences!

JP said...

What in the world is a "rub"? Love the blog, keep it up.

JP said...

Never mind, clicked the link and now I get it.

Renee said...

Thanks, jp! I'm a rubbing wild woman today. :)

And Biz - that's too funny. I thought about just sticking it in the freezer so I could enjoy it in the next loading phase but I worry it might not make it. Hubby ended up having to work tomorrow so when I pack him up some food to take with him I'll just sneak it in there. Poor guy. He already said I need to quit passing things off to him or he's going to be gaining while I'm losing. LOL.

kimberly said...

according to what I have been studying, when you gain a few pounds your suppose to go on a steak day. by drinking lots of water and by dinner eating the biggest steak ever.