Monday, August 20, 2007

Dancing Monkeys

I feel a tad guilty from ignoring this little blog space o' mine, but there's simply nothing on the hcg horizon for me to update. I'm still waiting for the product to arrive and there's only so many times one can announce that it's taking forever.

At least this past weekend and the days prior have been craaaazy busy with us running around like dancing monkeys (without the cute vests) preparing for school to start up again. Oh - and I've had all day today to be tormented by the littlest of a little singular hair that pops up under my chin everytime PMS seems to rear its ugly head. Too small for tweezers and yet somehow so ginormous that it causes me to go bonkers. How glorious.

I'm expecting to receive my new food scale in the mail on Wednesday so at least there is that to look forward to. Also, it seems the HcgDieters yahoo group is apparently having some technical problems so an alternate group has been set up at:


I'm unsure if that's simply a temporary solution or if it's around to stay, but either way it's nice to be able to be back in the loop to read about everyone's adventures and successes.

I will update again soon...hopefully. :)

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