Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

One more thing to check off of my list. I received my last batch of supplies from Research Supply today. On both of my orders they shipped same day via UPS and it only took a couple of days to arrive at my doorstep. I really recommend them for all those misc. supplies you need (minus the hcg).

The following is what I ordered (albeit I had to order in two separate shipments since I had a temporary blonde moment and forgot the smaller needles. Ouch!):

  • (MISCAO) Ampule Opener
  • (SOLVBW) Bacteriostatic Water USP 30ml
  • (STERAM30) 30 ml Amber Sealed Sterile Glass Vial
  • (SYRO60ML5E) 60ml luer lock Syringe w/o Needle Exel 5ct
  • (SYRN3ML1.518EB) 3ml with 1.5" 18g Exel 100ct.
  • (NEEDTSK30G1B) TSK Steriject 30g x 1"; Box 100ct.

  • Note that I am injecting IM (intramuscular) hence the need for the 30g 1" needles. The 18g syringe/needle combo is simply for mixing. Also, the quantity of each item you need is dependent on how many rounds of this protocol you will be completing. For lots more information on how to mix, how much you need, etc - I suggest visiting/joining HCGDieters(it's back up & running now!) as the amount of info there is beyond helpful and the people are some of the best on these internets.

    That's it for now! Time to go organize the rest of my new goodies. :)

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