Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 2 Loading

7AM: Surprisingly enough, I'm down .8 lbs this morning. I didn't expect that after that gorgefest yesterday. I suppose it was all that hot air I was expelling. Or, most likely, it's due to me weighing at an hour earlier. I'll be sticking to this schedule more closely now. Hopefully I ate enough yesterday and hopefully I had some hcg running through my system after that injection mishap - that has me a tad worried. We shall see. I'm off now to have a much better run at today's injection (go positive thinking!) and then eat a big fatty breakfast of some sort. I have no idea what.

8AM: I just had to update that my injection went swimmingly this time. I wrote down step by step instructions in my own handwriting and just went through it at my own pace. I was much more relaxed and actually managed to put in the entire injection. Whew. It really is surprising that I simply can't feel those needles going in at all. Thank goodness for that.
Now for breakfast...

8PM: Well, I don't know if I really ate enough today but it's almost too late now to fix it. I ate some breakfast - eggs, bacon, toast. I hate regular bacon, but choked it down.
For lunch - I had a turkey sandwich. I know, not high-fat at all but it's all I had and I was too busy to leave to pick something up. At least I loaded it with some mayo & avocado so that helped. I also tried to do a bit of snacking throughout the day but I simply wasn't hungry - even moreso than yesterday. I never felt sick, just no appetite at all.
Dinner - I just prepared some homemade pizza crust then topped it with pepperoni, ital sausage, green & red peppers, onions, olives, tomatoes, and mozzarella. Lots of it. I hope that's enough for today. Tomorrow's the big day. :)

9PM: Aaaaaaaaand a chocolate shake. Done!

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