Wednesday, October 24, 2007

P3 Day 10

LIW +1.6

I had a pretty busy day yesterday and therefore didn't even notice my blog post wasn't really posted. Oops! I also can't remember most anything I ate yesterday so there's no menu to post. Seriously, where the heck does one's memory go sometimes? We had a double-header football game this weekend and one of the moms asked me what my favorite TV shows were. Now, I'm not really a TV watcher, but I couldn't think of one single tv show I enjoyed, even though I knew they were out there. Then as we're driving home I exclaim in the car "Californication!". My family thought I was nuts (nothing new), but at least I remembered. Sheesh.

I was also contacted yesterday by someone at They apparently want to use my pumpkin pie recipe on their site. I haven't replied yet as it still seems as if I'm being punk'd. That's sort of neat-o though, yes?

Most importantly, I received the most wonderfulicious package yesterday from my dear friend, Lili. It really made my day, nay month, and I felt so appreciated, and loved, and spoiled! I know I told you privately, but thank you again, L. You're the best.

And now to fully completely my ramble, I've been doing some thinking lately. Something that most of you don't know about me (since this is primarily an hcg blog) is that I love to travel. Now, I don't simply mean I love to travel, but I must travel. If I don't travel often, I truly die slowly inside. It drives my husband crazy as he could take it or leave it, but experiencing and living in other cultures really is a huge part of who I am. I am artist, hear me roar.

Today is the day we were supposed to leave for Paris for a short stint. My husband has only been on this continent (while I've been on almost all of them) so I was excited to get him the heck out of here finally. I did, however, end up deciding to postpone the trip due to this protocol. I knew I would be on phase 3 by this point, but I still wouldn't be able to enjoy bread. Seriously, being in Paris and not eating bread??? That's criminal. The last time I was there I had to lengthen my trip simply because I found this quaint neighborhood deli around the corner of my hotel and they made the best baguettes I'd ever tasted. Not to mention they had a beautiful fountain with these little benches right out front which made an ideal spot for sketching. Perfection. So we'll be doing that sometime next year.

Talk about digressing.

Anyhow, I've been getting this mad itch to once again flee, dragging the entire family along with me. I was talking to my MIL and my BIL won't be able to make it up for Tgiving due to work obligations. This upset me quite a bit. Some backstory on him. About 3-4 years ago he met (supposedly) the love of his life over the internet. He picked up & moved his entire life (after them flying back & forth for 6 mos or so) and moved to LA. During this time he worked day after day, supporting her & her ever-growing college tuition, all with the plans that as soon as she was done, she would start working & would then return the favor and help pay for him to finish his schooling. Now that she's a few months away from being done with undergrad (and tuition is paid), she dumped him. Four years and then one day out of the blue she comes home and says I no longer love you, move the heck out. He has literally fallen apart. Such a sweet sweet young man and my heart breaks for him. He's been through so much while down there due to Katrina, quite a bit of bad luck, and now this. I know it's best he knows now rather than after they got married (they were engaged) and I know he will get through this, but it has to be that much harder when you have no family there for support.

Yes, my name is Renee and I am a habitual digressor.

Soooooooo, I made the official decision that we're going to pile in the car & drive down there for Tgiving. I spoke with my MIL to make sure she wasn't going to be upset by us not being at her house. We don't really do all that much with my side of the family as they are crazy. And I don't mean ha-ha crazy, I mean crazy. Don't get me wrong, I like crazy. Hell, I'd rather hang out with crazy people any day over people that insist on acting 'normal'. But these people put a whole new spin on over-the-top closed-minded maniacal crazy. So talking with MIL, it turns out that her & FIL might go down with us! I have visions of us cooking in his new apt, then him dragging in late that night to a huge spread of Tgiving dinner. To me, it sounds perfect. Especially with dear MIL there to do all the baking! HA!

We also have a few other trips over the next few months in the works and I can't wait. I've done most of my traveling solo, but I really look forward to opportunities to enjoy my passion with everyone else along with me. Kids love it, husband puts up with it. ;)

Today & tomorrow kids have half days & then Friday is no school. We had talked about camping this weekend, or going somewhere but funds just won't allow it. With so much house renovation, etc - it's probably best I simply put up with being locally bound for a while. I'll survive, but I have to admit my feet are itching to walk the earth once more. Soon!


BizAdventure said...

OMG RENEE! Your going to Louisiana in November? Guess who else is going to LA is November??? OMG! Is there ANY way we could POSSIBLY be going to similar places? Could it just be TOO weird if we were to be able to meet???

How close are you that you are able to DRIVE to LOUISIANA????

OMG! I am jumping UP AND DOWN here with just the POSSIBILITY!

Ok, Ok, I will calm myself down. I am just tickling with anticipation tho. TELL ME ALREADY!

Oh yeah, and great day on the eating. Did you even mention that? ROFL

Renee said...

OMG! Seriously?! We'll be in Baton Rouge & New Orleans.

We're far enough away that it's still a 12 hour drive. I sometimes prefer roadtrips, though, especially over the Tgiving holiday. AND it's a bit more cost-efficient than all four of us taking a 4 hour flight @ $200/ea.

You MUST let me know where you'll be! I promise not to stalk you. Well, I at least promise that if I do kidnap you that I will only force you to have a couple drinks with me and then I shall return you to your family.

I think we'll be there sometime around the 21st-25th. LET ME KNOW! We could totally load together for our next round. ROFL!

Anonymous said...

I do SO like your pie. The Zsweet just doesn't like me.

Paris? OMG, Paris? Could I ever love another city more? I played rock star in Paris in another life -- I'll meet you there once we're both SKINNY and BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL and we can scarf down baguettes and red wine!

Renee said...

WOOHOO! DEAL! :p There really is no better place.

BizAdventure said...

Call the paramedics, I am actually having a heart attack. I am going to Baker. How weird is this??? I have to check my dates and get back to you - but I know I have to be back on the Wednesday before the holiday, is there any chance you might be there on Mon or Tues? I am flexible on my dates, but I have to be back by Wednesday.

OH LET ME KNOW!!! This would be WAY TOO COOL!

Amy's hCG Blog said...

You are one steady girl, eh? Congratulations on your weight!

Your memory issues are likely because you are doing so much, & have so many things on your mind. It sounds like you're having fun, & are focused on things other than food! That's something I wish for!

Congratulations on getting your recipe on the Zsweet site... what a compliment!! I know many people (online) who use it. I had heard about it a year ago... people were loving it. I bought some & was bummed because I could not tolerate it... something in the corn they use. I'm so jealous because the consistency seems great! I'm going to find another way to do your apple pie recipe for P2. How wonderful about your travels. I too love to travel, but don't get to do nearly what I want. So I will have to enjoy YOUR travels.

I enjoyed your post... and it will be great if you will be able to hook up with Biz!

Renee said...

How crazy is THAT?! I'll get you the exact dates when I have them. Kids have their first day off of school on Wed, but there's a chance we'll leave early depending on my husband's schedule. I'll let you know for sure! Totally awesome, man.

Renee said...

Thanks, Amy. Ever since I dropped Splenda, I just haven't found anything I like better than zsweet for cooking/baking. I just can't stomach most stevia. It's funny how things affect each of us differently.