Friday, October 19, 2007

P3 Day 5

LIW +.0

The past couple of days have been a dose of very eventful days. Not only was I full of the grumps due to my inconveniences and hellacious pain in my eye, but I also started my menses and had to do a steak day. Upon waking yesterday I was 2.8 lbs over my LIW. Holy shocker. I figure that it was a combination of the vicodin I was popping and the fact my period arrived - over two weeks early. "Happy Birthday, Honey. Not only did I not bake you your pumpkin pie, but I can't see much of anything, I'm going to be a complete b!t@h for a couple of days and I started my period! Hooray!" Well, to be honest, the latter was a bit of a present as we both thought there was a possibility I was pregnant due to an uh-oh moment not long ago. No longer a need to worry about that! Also, my boys & my husband have been complete gems while I've been hurt. It's amazing how much the slightest injury to your eye can have such huge effects on your simplest of movements. I slept the day away yesterday not even leaving bed until around 3pm. And then had no problems at all going to bed & sleeping again around 10. Crazy.

Anyhow, at first I was somewhat looking forward to doing the steak day. I thought, here I'm being told exactly what to eat again. What a relief - I can do this. But as the day wore on, I didn't enjoy it much. Not eating anything really played havoc with my hypoglycemia. I started feeling pretty weak and light-headed. I decided to break the rules a bit and ate my apple at 2pm. Then around 6pm, I ate the big steak. Not being much of a steak-lover, that was somewhat of a chore, but I got it down. And, of course, it paid off this morning with me once again being exactly at my LIW.

My eye is still not fully healed but I can at least open it now without a shooting pain running through my head. I still won't be online much or checking emails as the computer really hurts my eye(s). The boys only had a half day today so they helped me get this one posted. Hopefully by Monday I'll be able to be back online as normal. Hope everyone is having fantastic losses. I'll check back in soon.


Amy's hCG Blog said...

Wow you were hit with everything at once! At least you slept yesterday, that must have helped your eye. You must've needed the sleep... or maybe the vicodin helped you sleep. And you got a 'present' :-)

I don't like steak either. I guess we can do ground steak? What about Laura's Lean? Can we dip in mustard?

I hope your eye feels normal soon. Thank goodness for your boys wanting to help you. Maybe you can celebrate your husbands birthday this weekend. Thanks to you & your boys for posting. :-)

Renee said...

I dipped my steak in some bbq sauce and it still seemed to work alright. I didn't even think about grinding it up. Silly me. I'll remember that for next time! :)