Thursday, October 18, 2007

P3 Day 4

Short & sweet. I can't update properly today as I hurt my left eye yesterday and I'm currently not able to see out of it. They say it should heal in a few days, so for now, I'm stuck being half blind. The thing is, when I have my good eye open and my bad eye closed, when my good eye blinks it also blinks the bad eye which makes it rub against the eyelid. Ouch. So, for now, I'm stuck bumping around the house all day wearing my night eye mask which covers both eyes. Oh, what a sight I am.

To make matters even better, my husband left this morning to go out of town for a couple of days. Hopefully things get better soon so I can at least function a little better around here. Sheesh.

I'll post again when I can. My son had to bring up the site so I'm typing blindly. Here's hoping you can even read this jibberish. :)


Amy's hCG Blog said...

Oh, that must HURT! Oh, the stinging & watering. What a painful ordeal for you. Selfish me, I'm so glad your son helped you post! :-) I do hope you feel better soon. How will you ever read the scale? lol.

Amie said...

OH NO! Eye wounds are about the WORST for pain! It is AMAZING how you can get just a little cut, abrasion or foreign material in there and be so miserable! Well I'm praying your eye is healed up very soon ... you know, so you can resume the updates... LOL {{HUGS!}}

BizAdventure said...

UGH! I hope it heals up soon. Looking forward to chatting with you again! Missing you much. And sending good vibes your way!