Thursday, October 25, 2007

P3 Day 11

LIW +1.0

Crazy crazy day. I've been having entirely too many of those as of late. Ends up one of our very good family friends that we've known over 15 years (who also happens to be my husband's direct boss) was involved in a car accident up in NE today. Someone ran a stop sign and his car is completely totaled. My husband just returned from NE a day or two ago (I'm losing track) and now has turned around and headed up to visit him in the hospital. He just called me and apparently they're going to release him tonight so he's going to drive him back down here. These experiences really reinforce that you need to use every opportunity to tell those close to you that you love them. Ever since I lost my dad unexpectedly years & years ago, I've tried to remember to do just that. It never hurts to put out a reminder, however. :)

I'm very glad our friend is okay, but I have to admit selfishly that I'm glad my husband left NE early. He would have been riding in the passenger side on the way to this appointment and that's the side that got t-boned. Scary just thinking about it.

Anyhow, I've been a ball of stress today and haven't eaten as much as I should. I know, bad me. Hopefully it won't affect me too much tomorrow.

So, in closing, standing true to my word - I love you, man! You all have each played an integral part in me succeeding (finally) in a weight loss protocol and I feel as if I owe each of you all so much. Thank you, big hugs, and mushy mushy kisses all over your ever-shrinking cheeks. That is, the cheeks on your faces, you perverts.


Amie said...

{{HUGS and SMOOCHES}} Right back atcha, hon! We lost my mother in a car accident when I was seven years old, so I know just where you are coming from. We forget sometimes how much we take for granted.

But anyways - Look at you maintaining! Not like there was ever a doubt, but it looks like P3 is finally being good to you. I just realized our last injection day is three days before Thanksgiving! How fortuitous is THAT?? lol At least we can have some turkey... Thanks for updating!

Renee said...

Thanks, Amie. :)

Yes, it feels so much better now that P3 has settled down. Even though my menses is STILL here. What's up with that? I'm going to have to buy some stock in playtex pretty soon so I can earn some of this $$ back. LOL!

P3 + Tgiving is wonderful! You'll be able to partake in so many things. Glad to see it worked out for you guys!

BizAdventure said...

Hey Renee, I have to tell you I am so over you posting late! ROFL - as if you don't have a life past this blog! LOL - I am so happy your maintaining, good for you, after all, that is really what this is all about.

Amy's hCG Blog said...

I love you too Renee. I'm glad your husbands boss is going to be OK. Breathe deep... in with the good, out with the stress. :-))

Doctors prescribe progesterone to stop periods. Periods keep going because of high estrogen (compared to progesterone). Some refer to this as estrogen dominance. If you ever decide to pursue, to get tested, or whatever, shoot for a safer bioidentical progesterone... rather than synthetic. Quite often, mainstream doctors tend to prescribe synthetics.

Renee said...

LOL! I gotcha. I'll try to be better about that. :p

Aww, thanks! :) It seems that deep breathing is the only thing that gets me through the day sometimes. :)

Big thank you for all that info as well. I knew none of that. If it keeps up, I'm going to have to get to the doc. I'm either on day 10 or 11 and it's becoming more than an annoyance at this point. Thanks.