Tuesday, October 16, 2007

P3 Day 2

LIW <1.0>

Pre-breakfast I had NSA strawberry yogurt.

For breakfast, I had a 3-egg omelet (with purple bell pepper, onion, tomato, and monterey jack) and 2 slices of NSA bacon. I also had a weird craving for a glass of milk, so I had it. I don't even like drinking milk but it tasted SO good. Weird.

Mid-morning I had a venti latte and it was heaven.

By lunchtime I was not hungry at all. I emailed Biz to ask her if I just HAD to eat lunch - knowing full well what her answer would be. Surprisingly enough, Miss Sunshine wasn't at my beck & call so I was on my own! I knew I had to eat something, so I had 10 green olives, a banana, and tuna salad. I also had about 4 oz of Sauvignon Blanc but I blame the fact that I had to taste-test it since I was using it for dinner. Oh the sacrifices I shall make!

Dinner was turkey, stuffed mushrooms, a quick version of green bean casserole, and a Rock Green Light beer. Everything was wonderful except for the beer. Way too watery for my tastes. I'm in the process of checking out all these different low-carb beers that are out now. I certainly hope I find something I like. When I was at the grocery, I saw they let you build your own 6-pack for $7 so I picked out 6 different ones to try. We'll see how that goes.

Well, it's still sort of hard to see that gain on the scale. I know it's all a part of this process, but I've been programmed to really look forward to those losses. Really though, I almost felt like I should have gained 87 pounds after all that food I ate yesterday. It felt like so much!

All in all, my total cals for the day was around 1800.
I freaked out a bit when I put in my cals for breakfast and they were more than I ate in a whole day while on VLCD! I know, I know, I'll get used to it. It was just a bit shocking at first.

Also, today I feel horrible. I'm sorry to bring all you lovely folks down, but my system isn't liking this switch. I know it will take a few days to balance out, but I am incredibly nauseated and feeling downright ill. Hopefully that will pass as my body readjusts. It's almost 10am and I still haven't eaten anything. I know I need to since the day is going to get away from me quickly.

Here's to a happy loss day to all of you. More later...


cb9094 said...

I love the way you posted your menu! Thanks for the continued information. I hope to be starting 2morrow...I am so nervous. I have been pouring over your old posts trying to recall it all again!

BizAdventure said...

OH YOU DAWG! Again with the scraps for the puppy dog! ROFL - you never cease to amaze me with your doodads on the your site. Ok, you know the drill - SPILL!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, sorry I wasn't around yesterday when you needed me, Bad Bad Biz! LOL - but you sailed thru no problems.

Like I told you in chat...wait till you get to a point where you are trying to figure out how to GAIN! THAT is freaky! ROFL

Renee, I hate it that your not feeling well, but I promise it will get better.

AND NOW I FIND OUT YOUR A BEER PERSON? My personal fave was the Micholob Ultra Amber - I just love red beers and that is what I drank on Phase 3 - but the lowest calorie/carb count is Miller Lite - in case your interested.

Just don't do Kahlua and Cream, this I can tell you for sure! ROFL

Amy's hCG Blog said...

Bad Biz! You're fibbing! I don't believe we really get to a point where we are trying to gain! LOL!!

Renee, I am fascinated with your post today, & Biz's response about it. It sounds like some people really do feel a bit sick in P3? Oh, please tell me is there a way to bring/keep that nausea feeling? LOL.

I am amazed with your menu. I would think you would gain 5 lbs from all that food. Do you know how many carbs you had? Thanks for sharing your experience. What would happen if you didn't eat your lunch ... or when you don't eat when you're hungry? Do you really gain?

Renee said...

Thanks! I tried to get my menu posted in a way that if phase 2ers didn't want to read it, they didn't have to. :)
You're starting! That means you received your stuff?! WOOHOO! I really need to get to your blog later today to read & catch up. Congrats! I'll be posting at you later. :)

Silly girl. I emailed ya! Let me know if you need more help with it. :)

I LOVE beer! Here's a great list of low carb beers:
I made my low carb 6-pack out of Rock Green Light, Bud Select, Mich Ultra, and a few specialty pumpkin ones that I can't remember the names of right now. I really miss my Sam Adams and Fat Tire, though.

I have no idea on my carb count as I'm not tracking that. I have read from others' experiences that if they don't eat enough calories, that they gain. I'm pretty sure Simeons addresses this somewhere in the protocol. I can't remember exactly where though. It looks like that while on phase 3, you need to consume somewhere between 1500-2000 cals for your body to stay at your LIW. Strange, but true.

I am still feeling a bit ill, but I have faith that will go away. It definitely is better today than yesterday.

Thanks, everyone. :)