Saturday, October 6, 2007

VLCD Day 37

Injection #34
Loss Today: <.4>
Loss Total: <31.6>

OK, .4 is a loss is a loss is a loss is a loss is a loss is a loss. I must keep saying that over & over in my head. AND I am still on my menses so any loss I shall take. Whew. Got that out. Now it's time for:


Since VLCD Day 2 I have lost <21.0> inches! Although it's most likely more since I'm only measuring one side of my body. No matter, I love to see those numbers dropping!

We have a busy Saturday ahead which includes a double header football game. And it's going to be about 90 degrees - in October. Ugh.

Happy Saturday!

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BizAdventure said...

WOO HOO FOR YOU! 21" is nothing to sneeze at! I only measure one side too...that is the way FitDay does it so I just follow their system.