Friday, October 26, 2007

P3 Day 12

LIW +.6

Breakfast was a veggie scramble with a side of NSA sausage and a plum.

For lunch I had some homemade polish sausage, a small salad with feta, olives, cukes, and sprouts, and some celery with NSA peanut butter. OK, I'm not usually a big fan of peanut butter, but that was the damn best peanut butter I have ever tasted! LOL!

Dinner was completely changed at the last minute and the boys & I made pork stir fry with peppers, onions, zucchini, and sprouts.

Typing it out makes it look like a lot more than what I thought it was. I guess it was just that I didn't do much snacking on fruits/veggies/cheese throughout the day.

OK, so I'm posting this early in the day just for Biz. :)

Well, I stepped on the scale this morning and was surprised to see it down. Not just down, but down 37 pounds! I couldn't figure it out. Step on, step off. Back & forth over & over and it still saying 37 pounds lost! What the heck? Hubby was still here as he's going in late today and told me to check the bottom since I apparently never even thought of that. Duh. Sure enough, there was a piece of dog food that had snuck underneath it that was setting it slightly off balance. Too funny, though. I was happy to see those 220s on the scale even if it was all a mean scale-tease.

The kids are home and I'm so so tired. My husband didn't get home until 4am so I stayed up painting/reading. On top of all that, I'm out of coffee! Oh, the horror! We'll be running up to the grocery very quicklike as I'm not going to make it very far into this day without some.

We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us. Football game tomorrow afternoon, followed by a Halloween party that night. Yay! Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. We had planned on being Shrek & Fiona this year but I changed it at the last minute (of course). So now we're going as a Samurai and a Geisha. Funny thing, all that's came so far for my husband are his shoes and his wig. I ordered an antique kimono for him with the promise that it would be shipped so we would receive it by today. Well, it wasn't shipped until Wednesday - from Japan! We're screwed. His pants & sword are due to arrive today so I told him worst case he will go as a topless Samurai. He said only if I will as well. Yeah right!

My oldest twin is going as SWAT and the youngest as Mario from Mario Bros. Even though they're twins, they're so very different. I love it. I'll try to remember to take pictures. I always forget as I've intentionally been hiding from the camera for so long.

Sunday we are going to Worlds of Fun for some coaster riding. We love coasters! We'll probably spend the whole day there and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

We also have a birthday shindig to squeeze in there at some point. Not enough hours in the day sometimes for sure!

I'll try to update this weekend when I can. Happy Friday, everyone!


larbsl said...

Hey Renae -- thanks for the comment regarding the hormone issue. That is probably part of it because I have been on my mc the whole time I have been so grumpy. Didn't even think of that! Duh - LOL! I'll track it!

Amie said...

Dogfood! LOL! Mean ol' scale anyways. Maybe that was a little motivation for your next P2 ... ??Your costumes sound so fun! You might be right about the kimono, though... I would imagine it's going to take a few weeks to get to the States from Japan. :( Good luck going topless! LOL Eddie wants to be the "Beer Fairy". If that doesn't scream REDNECK, I don't know what does!! LMAO

BizAdventure said...

Well geesh, I made you post early, and I didn't even make my rounds like I wanted to yesterday. That is what happens when the kids are home from school on a day when they are not supposed to be! UGH


37 pounds???? I would be like, OMG! ROFL - I bet your heart did a little leap even tho you know it wasn't for real.

Girl! You are just cruising on your P3 - when you finally figured it all out for yourself. Had you had a beer yet??? I love my beer, have I mentioned that? ROFL - have a wonderful weekend!

Amy's hCG Blog said...

Funny story about the 37 lbs... lol, if only it could be!

You aren't saying anything about hunger, which is interesting. I guess you are too busy to be hungry!!

Your weight is down a bit & sure sounds stable. Very cool. I'm enjoying reading your menu; it's fantastic. You're getting a good amount of veggies & healthy foods.

I hope you have a great time on the coasters! I hope you can get P3 food.