Saturday, October 27, 2007

P3 Day 13

LIW +.2

Breakfast was a couple scrambled eggs and NSA bacon.

Mid-morning I had a pineapple/coconut smoothie. Yum yum yum.

I wasn't very hungry at lunchtime so I had a small salad with cottage cheese, celery, cukes, tomato, and red bell pepper.

For dinner I had planned on making chile relleno, but when I went to my stash of poblano chiles, half of them had gone bad. Erg! So instead of making something else I informed the family we were headed out. We ended up at an Italian place and the choices for me there were very, very limited. Most everything that fit the bill for phase 3 was $29.99 and over. I decided on a glass of wine first & foremost, along with a house salad which had artichoke hearts and feta topped with red wine vinegar & olive oil. I also got the antipasto appetizer for one and it had some salamis, cheeses, pepperoncini, stuffed olives, toasted ravioli, fried mozzarella stick, and fried eggplant. I gave the ravioli to the kiddos but the mozzarella stick and eggplant were still sitting there taunting me. I really love my eggplant. I took all the breading off of one of the eggplant pieces and ate it. Blah. Wasn't all that. So the other one I ate breading and all. I know I know - starch starch starch. But it was SO good. As was the mozzarella stick that I ate as well. I figure I did a good enough job simply staying away from that fresh baked bread and butter with the herbed oil. So looking at the scale this morning it didn't seem hurt me at all and that's good to see - not that I'm going to be making a habit of that.

Later that night, I ate a small piece of sugar free dark chocolate. It was pretty good and hit the spot.

So Amy pointed out to me that I haven't mentioned anything about hunger while on phase 3. This made me realize I haven't talked much about the protocol at all for a few days. LOL! OK, so I ramble sometimes. ;)

Anyhow, things have really seemed to balanced out for me now. I don't count calories. I don't keep track of them in any way and I no longer even journal all my foods like I did during phase 2. I do keep somewhat of a mental note so I can post it in my blog so you all get some idea of what I'm eating. The only thing I'm doing is what Dr. S. said - no sugars, no starches. I'm eating any fruits I want, even those that others have called 'off-limits'. I eat bananas. I eat pineapple. I eat peaches, grapes, and pomegranates. For me, this is what works. I made banana pancakes (mushed up bananas, egg, spices) with some homemade strawberry syrup for the kids the other day. They ranted & raved about it, so with their seal of approval I'll try to get that recipe up on the site this weekend. It makes for a nice change from eggs, eggs, eggs. I also like to have smoothies and toss in raw egg whites for a bit of protein. I find that I'm most hungry in the mornings and not so much for lunch or dinner. I also try eating every few hours to keep my blood sugars level, whethers it's snacking on celery sticks and NSA peanut butter or chomping on a piece of fruit.

I drink beer, wine, even gin & tonics. I don't drink them every day, but when I want one, I have one. I started out tasting those low-carb beers I bought to try and most of them were cuh-rap. I like beers that have body & flavor and they simply didn't. I've stayed away from Guinness and similar stouts, as that's an entire meal in itself, but no real restrictions when it comes to others.

We're going to that Halloween party tonight so that might be a bit of a challenge. I'm going to sit down this afternoon (in between football and costume gathering), and make up a list of some R.I.P. halloween dishes I'll take with me. I've thought of taking a spider pumpkin cheesecake, booberry muffins, or bloody cheese fingers. Miss Indecisive has not yet made a decision, but will eventually.

Lots more to blog about but just checked the clock and I'm running so late already. I'll make my rounds later today. Happy Saturday! It's sunny and gorgeous here so I must soak it all in while it lasts!


Amy's hCG Blog said...

Wow. Your weight is even better than yesterday!

The pineapple coconut smoothie sounds delicious. (am writing this down for P3) Ah, an Italian place. I bet the whole family liked that. When I was dieting, I would get frustrated about being in an Italian restaurant due to fat & carbs. You handled this well. A pomegranate... interesting. I could lose weight on it as it would take me the whole day with red fingers just to get the fruit off those seeds.

OMG, I truly look forward to the banana pancake recipe!! (crossing out the smoothie & writing banana pancake at the top of my P3 food list!) :-))

I laughed at the Halloween treats you were thinking of. LOL!! Booberry, Bloody cheese. LOL.

I don't know how you get the time to post at all. You must have some Samantha Stevens bewitching powers. I hope your party, treats & costumes are fabulous!

Tomorrow you get to do the coasters!

Michaela said...

hey, I'm part of the yahoo groups and have been inspired by reading your blog (and Lili and Biz's too). I'm about a week or two from starting phase 2, depending on when my supplies come.

I live in KC and from your comments it sounds like you do to. I'm near the triangle. Anyway, I was wondering what grocery store you got to special order stuff for you? I'm also about 1/2 hour away from Whole Foods so I figure we either live close to one another or about an hour apart.


Amie said...

Mmmm... Your blog always makes my mouth water, Renee! lol

Cruising along beautifully on P3, wonderful to see you're not stressing, can have fun and be relaxed about things. Hope you had fun at your Halloween party!

BizAdventure said...

Girl! I was so out of the loop yesterday, I thought I would come here and you would have this long ole dissertation about your day, and I see that you were too! LOL!

Hope you had a wonderful fun filled weekend.

I hate to say this but my sister is going back to California on the 18th so the whole meet up plans will be put on hold for us for a bit. I wont have anywhere to stay when she goes back home.

Aw shucks.

Can't wait to hear another update!

Renee said...

Thanks for the reminder! I need to get some recipes posted. I'll try to do that tomorrow. :)

Oh man, if only I had Samantha's abilities. Or just the ability to stop time every once in a while and say ahhhh. ;)

Hi neighbor! I'm not far from you at all. I'm in LS! Hy-Vee is the store I was referring to. They were very accomodating and STILL will order anything I need. If you need any help with anything before you start phase 2, please let me know!

Thanks! It's definitely a million times better to no longer be stressing about it all.

Awww, darn. That's too bad. I'll get ya next time! ;)

Michaela said...

Thanks so much! My chiropractor is over in BS so I drive over in your direction and hit that SuperTarget sometimes on the way back. I will definitely take you up on any help. For now, I just need to borrow some patience waiting for my hcg to finally get here. :)