Friday, October 12, 2007

VLCD Day 43

Injection #40
Loss Today: <.6>
Loss Total: <36.0>

Well, I've hit 40 injections and have officially decided that today is my last injection day due to some personal reasons. I won't get into them here on the public internets, but feel it is best that I stop today. It's a bit disappointing as I didn't want to have to go so long between rounds, but I know in the end all the weight will come off anyway. I just hope I can stick with everything for the next 5-6 weeks. That seems so LONG! But really, if I can stick with the VLCD for 6 weeks, it shouldn't be a problem, right? RIGHT! I'll try to post all my final stats with LIW, etc this weekend.

These last few days have been a stressfest. I'm trying to get my teaching situation worked out and it's just not as easy as I had hoped. Next week, I'm going to talk with someone at the district regarding a teaching position they are creating at a different school. Hopefully I'll find out more about that soon.

Also, my mother isn't speaking to me. At all. I swear, her midlife crisis is enough to drive me to a rubber room. I simply wish she wasn't so passive-aggressive (pet peeve alert!) and would talk to me about what's bothering her. We're so different in that regard as I want to talk about everything. I'm also a hugger - and I don't think she's hugged me since I was 5 years old. That's something I really love about my husband's family. They hug constantly. It feels so warm & snuggly & comforting. I love it. I know, I'm getting off-track. I just really have not one clue what I could have done to upset her and my frustration is causing me to babble. We were at my boys' football games last weekend and she wouldn't even sit next to me. So frustrating! It really hurts and it's weighing on me, but what can I do. *sigh* Such is life.

I have to get back. I'll try to post more later.


BizAdventure said...

Hmmm, Mom's can be a real pickle at times. Be thankful that you know what is important and that you will share with your kids the feeling of being loved thru touch and that you are not going to perpetuate the cycle your mother started.

At least all this stress did not translate into the scale! WOO HOO FOR THAT!

So today is LIW - so what is our planned first meal?

Amy's hCG Blog said...

OH, I'm sorry to see you stop too. That's wonderful you are pursuing other options/work/activities though. I guess you will reload on Thanksgiving.

I'm sorry about the stress. Must be hard to deal with, but I'm sure you know your mom has 'issues' & she is probably doing the best she can ... or just can't do better. She may be jealous of you, even if you feel there's nothing to be jealous of. Insecurities are the biggest drivers of cramped behaviors.

I hope you can pop in from time to time to say how you are doing. I will really miss reading your posts. Your weight loss is astounding. How do you do it???

Amie said...


Well, 40 days and 36 pounds is pretty awesome so I think you can call this round a BIG SUCCESS! Let us know how Phase III goes, and happy reloading over Thanksgiving (lucky girl - we'll be just or almost starting our Phase III then!) Best of luck with the teaching/mother issues. Job stress and family stress all rolled into one... You're going to come out of this one strong lady!

Renee said...

Thanks. My boys are 10 and I still make sure to kiss & hug them before they walk out the door to school. I can't see how that will ever get old. :)

And first meal? I have NO idea! I do know that hubby's bday is next Wednesday and we'll most likely be going for sushi sometime next week. Here I come sashimi! Yum yum.

Yep, Tgiving will be my load days! That gives me about 5 weeks until then. Seems like forever!

I agree with you 100%. She's very insecure - or at least has become so with this midlife crisis dealio. She does NOT like it when I get any attention from the male species whatsoever and finds every way she can to point out each of my flaws. I hope she gets over it soon. :)

And thanks. :) I'll still be posting. I don't know if I should be posting my foods in phase 3 though since it might be too much of a tease for you phase 2ers. We'll see. And you're too sweet. Thanks, Amy. :)

*HUGS* back atcha!!!

I really appreciate that. What we battle only makes us stronger, right?! At least you'll be on phase 3 at Tgiving. That's not too terrible. You'll still be able to enjoy some of the yummy stuff. And it will be a good time to celebrate your great losses as well!

Thanks you guys! I really appreciate all the support you've given me. It has helped more than you know. You're ALL fantabulous babes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee-
Just wanted to log on one last time to say "thanks" for sharing your experiences. My husband and I have completed our 48 days of "food rehab" we are now offically in phase 3! It has been so great to log on each morning and compare your progress with ours. As far as the "mama drama" goes-do your best to not let her get to you, there is always something life is trying to teach us and unfortunatley sometimes it's the people we love the most that seem to be the biggest test! Keep goin'...she'll really be mad when you're really smokin' HOT! Thanks again Renee, best of luck to you...I know you'll do it!
~Jennifer & Ed

Renee said...

Jennifer & Ed-
Awww, you made me tear up. :) Thank you so much. I appreciate that more than you know.

Best of wishes to you both in your phase 3 as well! Enjoy!