Wednesday, October 17, 2007

P3 Day 3

LIW +.6

Pre-breakfast, I again had NSA yogurt with sliced banana.

Breakfast was a 3 egg omelette with purple bell pepper, onion, tomato, a touch of habanero, and mozzarella. I love the fact I can finally enjoy all the veggies from the garden. Yum!

I once again wasn't feeling very hungry at lunchtime. I made some pinwheels out of sliced roast beef, spreadable pepperjack/jalapeno cheese, and cucumbers. Really simple and made for a quick lunch when I wasn't all that hungry.

We went out last night for dinner with some friends (after 2+ hours of football practice - ugh) for my husband's birthday. It was this local new york style pizza place that has a fantastic salad bar. It was so wonderful to enjoy a salad with all those healthy fixins. Divine. I also ate the toppings (only) off of one slice of pizza. It was alright. I'm not a pizza person and it tasted too greasy - which probably explains my stomach upset for this morning.

Calories were once again right around 1800.

Man, this is really scary. Logically, I know this is what happens. I know that my weight will fluctuate, especially this first week. I know that I trust this protocol and that if these fluctuations go too much over my LIW, I can do a steak day. I know that I'm doing everything right and not eating any forbidden foods. I know all of this. And yet, there's that little part of me that's doing the freak-out dance. The part of me that says 'here we go again'. It's psychologically difficult to see that scale increase. I thought it was hard on phase 2 to only see it go down .4. Pfffft. For me, this is much harder and now puts everything more into perspective.

I have to say, I really miss phase 2. P2 was good for me as it was very strict. It told me what, when, why, how. I loved it. I needed it. After all, those foods on P2, that's what my family usually ate every day of our lives anyway. This phase 3 throws me for a loop, however. I know what I can/can't eat, but for some reason it still makes me very uneasy. I'm going to take some time today to plan out my meals for the rest of this week. The family is eating what I'm eating, so all of this really shouldn't be as difficult as what I'm making it. I know it's simply my uncertainty that's causing me to feel this way. And if my mind isn't comfortable, neither is my body.

Today is my husband's birthday so we're all going out for sushi tonight. Sticking to phase 3 won't be a problem there and I'm looking forward to it. Even though the scale was up today, I'm glad it wasn't 2 lbs up. I was worried it might be and then I'd have to do a steak day on hubby's birthday. That would have been a stinker. I'm making him a birthday dessert that will be phase 3-friendly so I can share it along with the family. It will probably be a cheesecake or a chocolate cake (made with almond flour) as those are his favorites. I'm not really a 'baker' so here's hoping they turn out edible. :)

Also, I'm taking a break from posting at the yahoo groups for a bit. Now whether this is only for today or for a week or for longer - I don't know. I only know that I'm currently feeling very disillusioned and I don't feel like putting any more of myself out there in regard to those groups. I'll try to continue to read sometimes, but the days of contributing hours of myself are over. For now.

Sorry for the negative nelly type of post today. I blame the clouds. I don't mind the rain, just give a girl some sunshine, too.

Happy losses to everyone.

Quick update:
I just returned from the grocery to pick up a bunch of things to make hubby's bday dessert. I ended up grabbing enough to make a pumpkin pie, a pumpkin cheesecake, a cherry cheesecake, and a chocolate cake. You'd think I was PMS'ing or something. Anyway, I probably should have called him before going to the store to find out what he wanted, but at least now I have these things on hand. We have a total of 19 birthdays in our family for this month so there's always a party going on. This will give me the chance to try out even more on-protocol desserts and see how they turn out.

Oh, he picked the pumpkin pie. I will post that recipe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh honey -- I hear you. You know I inexplicably gained 2 lbs the first few days of P3; then I lost a pound last night. Just keep on keepin' on -- you're doing an amazing job! Email me -- I miss you!

Amy's hCG Blog said...

Wow, I sure can understand totally what you are saying! P3 will be much harder! I am holding my breath for you.

I'm also holding my breath over the 19 birthdays!!!!! Shazam! LOL.

I don't get to read much of the Yahoo mail. Whatever happened, I sure hope it doesn't get you down.

I know how much time the online stuff takes. There will be a time when you back away from this & move onto a new interest. IN the meantime, I'm grateful to be able to read your blog. I never enjoyed cucumbers until I learned (from you) that all I had to do was dash vinegar, salt & pepper. lol.

BizAdventure said...

Hey girl. Been trying to reach you via email, but now I see you poked your eye out, OUCH! I am so sorry to hear that girlie girl, and hope you get better soon.

Don't worry about the garbage over at the groups, just get yourself better.