Sunday, September 9, 2007

VLCD Day 10

Injection #11
Loss Today: 0
Loss Total: <16.6>

Well, I talk a big talk, now I must walk the walk. And it's a bit difficult. I knew a full-stop of some sort would pop up eventually, and I thought I was fully prepared for it, but I have to admit it's the tiniest bit discouraging when the scale shows no movement at all. I assume this is either just a regularly scheduled catch-up that my body felt it needed, or it could be due to the fact that yesterday I didn't get in all the fluids I usually do. I'll just chalk it up to both. I know I have still lost an average of 1.66 lbs/day, so I won't let this get me down. But it is a bit of a mindgame.

I have another full busy day/evening ahead, but this time I'll plan ahead to ensure I have all of my water, etc with me. Well technically yesterday I did as well, but at football practice I let some of the kids raid my water stash since they forgot theirs so I came up a bit short. Oh, those pesky kids making me stall! I'm kidding, of course. Hopefully my body will just work this out. I probably won't be able to update again today so I'll check in tomorrow when I can.


BizAdventure said...

Yes, it's a bit disheartening...did I ever mention that I stalled 9 different occasions during my first round, but still lost 37 pounds? It happens. Whenever it happened with me I would take my measurements that day and for sure I would have lost inches. Your doing fine, you are keeping up your average, and what other diet ever have you been on that you even would DREAM of seeing the scale either MOVE DOWN or STAY THE SAME without a GAIN in your life? NONE!

Renee said...

Precisely, biz. Thank you for your words of wisdom. :)