Sunday, September 2, 2007

VLCD Day 3

Injection #5
Loss Today: <2.4>
Loss Total: <8.2>

I really hope there comes a time when I can go to bed without that frantic feeling in the pit of my stomach that I'm going to wake up to a huge gain. I know that feeling originates from failing on diet after diet after diet many times before. I know I simply have to trust this protocol since I have seen proof that it does in fact work. I know I also have to in trust myself as I truly am following everything exactly as ordered and there will be slight fluctuations in my weight each day and that is okay.

This protocol has surprised me so far as I was really afraid I would be hungry all the time. Which I'm not. I thought I would have mad cravings that would send me teetering at the edge. Which I'm not. I can't believe I don't even miss ice cream yet. That's almost criminal. :)

It's time for me to sit down & plan out my daily menu. I really enjoy this time of day as I get to relax, drink some coffee and come up with a new way to fix some grub - all the while focusing on me. Us moms don't have a chance to do that very often so it feels really great. Yeah, I'm pretty easily to please.

AND even though I already posted it up there, I just have to mention again that I was in fact down 2.4 lbs today. It looks like the grissini still likes me after all. So far.

Lunch: For lunch I took it pretty easy & simply stuck an eye of round steak on the George Foreman and sprinkled it with black pepper. It was sooo juicy. I almost couldn't eat it all. I served that up with some asparagus and an apple. Great lunch.

Dinner: Tonight I fixed the family up some homemade chicken enchiladas. They smelled so yummy that I altered the meal I had planned for tonight. While I was fixing their dinner I chomped up an apple so that I wasn't tempted to taste any of that enchilada goodness. After getting them all set I dry-fried up my chicken, then shredded it in a bowl. Chopped up my onions put those & the chicken back in the pan and topped it with taco seasoning and a bit of water and made up my own sort of mexican dinner. It was really filling.

And in other news, I'm also busily preparing up some on-protocol pickles! We'll see sometime later this week if those end up being any good. If so, I'll definitely share the recipe over on HCG Recipes. I'm anxious to see how they turn out. That would certainly be another great way to eat those yummy cucumbers!

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