Saturday, September 29, 2007

VLCD Day 30

Injection #28
Loss Today: <.4>
Loss Total: <28.8>

Alright, so today's loss isn't anything to write home about. But it is a loss. And with my menses almost here, I'll take anything I can get. Besides that-
Today is, in fact, MEASUREMENTS day!

Since VLCD Day 2 I have lost <17.5> inches! As long as those inches keep dropping, I don't mind seeing those baby steps in weight loss. It all gets me to where I want to be in the end anyway.

Busy busy day planned. I need to get to figuring what I'm going to eat and when.

Happy Weekend!

Lunch: I fixed an omelet with the perfect homegrown tomato. Yum.

Dinner: I had kung pao chicken which was so good & so filling & absolutely nothing like diet food. MMm MMm. I'm stuffed.

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