Friday, September 21, 2007

VLCD Day 22

Injection #21
Loss Today: <1.2>
Loss Total: <24.2>
Average: <1.1>/day

Wooo! I hit the next tens. I hit the next tens. I hit hit hit hit hit the next tens.

Yes, that was me just now dancing around the kitchen singing my new favorite tune. Now I'm so close to hitting 25 pounds - and I'm only about halfway done. I was thinking yesterday that I might see if I can continue on for 3 more weeks past when I was scheduled. Then I will start up my next round around my birthday at the beginning of the year. I'm not setting anything in stone as I will mostly go by how I feel along the way and I really don't want to push my luck. I'll update more on that later.

I said I wasn't going to do this until the end of this round but I don't know if I can hold out much longer. This may be simply from the euphoria of my 'being in the next tens' moment but here are my stats. I'm just over 5'10" and I started at, oh man here goes, 293.6 pounds. Man, that hurts to type. My goal weight is between 170-175 depending on how I feel when I get there. I may go for lower than that, who knows. I've been at 140-150 and I felt it was too small for me. At 160-170 I was a size 6 and I felt really good at that weight. So - we'll see. Well, there ya go. All my 'secrets' are out.

Today is a half day at school so I'm not doing much work today. I'll update when I can. I have lots more recipes to post this coming weekend as well!

Lunch: I ate an apple for my mid-morning snack and then fixed chili with a grissini. Good stuff.

Dinner: I tried out Biz's catfish recipe and it was yummy. I then had an apple for dessert and that wrapped up my day.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


wecandoit3 said...

Renee, {{{Big hug!!!}}} Congrats on coming out of the closet. ;) Don't worry your sweet lil' head over it either. Biggest CONGRATS on being in the next 10's!!! I am going to start printing out some of your recipes today to put in a binder. We just can't thank you enough for those!

BizAdventure said...


Look at you! That is utterly MAHVELOUS DAHLIN'!!!! Thanks for giving me your weight, I had been wondering and couldn't find it anywhere...but was too afraid to ask thinking it was just me that missed it!

Girl!!! You must be riding HIGH! WOO HOO for YOU!!! OMG! You are so TALL!!! I am such a shortie!!! So did you take pics? Are you ever gonna let us see them??? Are you gonna make a virtual model??? Am I asking too many questions??? Am I using too many question marks??? Inquiring minds wanna know!!!

Renee said...

Thanks so much! That's how I store all my recipes now is in a 3 ring binder. I'm going to have to start printing out all these new ones myself so I have both of them. Right now I'm handwriting them all out and it's getting a bit disorganized. ;)

Thanks! Yes, I took pics. They are still sitting hidden inside of my camera and just might stay there forever. I saw that virtual model and it was too cute. I tried doing it myself and I spent entirely too much time on it and then didn't even save it. LOL. I'll try that again another time.
Never enough questions!

Happy weekend to both of you!

Amy's hCG Blog said...

Congratulations, Renee! I loved reading your news. You are doing fantastic! I absolutely loved the Mexican Chicken soup recipe. It was fun to see Biz's model. I played with the virtual model too ... was fun. I also tried the feedburner thing, but did something wrong on that. Will try that again some other time.

Renee said...


Thank you so much. :) Now my next milestone is the 25 pound mark. I can't believe it's so close!

I'm so happy you enjoyed the Mexican Chicken Soup! That's one of my hubby's favorites. Of course he gets to put tortillas in his, but I like it just fine without.

If you need help with the feedburner thing, let me know. Biz & I did a gmail chat to get hers set up on her page and I'd be happy to help you as well! Just let me know.