Friday, September 14, 2007

VLCD Day 15

Injection #15
Loss Today: <.6>
Loss Total: <20.0>

Lookie there! I hit the 20 pound mark! Yaaaaay! 15 days. 20 pounds. Never hungry. Unbelievable. I'm still blown away by it all. What a way to start the weekend! I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! I'll update more later today.

Lunch: Another quick meal so I grilled a steak on the George Foreman, steamed some cabbage and ate an apple.

Dinner: After I got the family settled I finally had a very short chunk of time to prepare my meal. I fixed boiled shrimp which only took a few minutes and ate that with celery sticks. I hadn't had celery in a while so that was nice & refreshing. For dessert I had an orange julius. Mmm mmm good! After the kids tasted it, I ended up having to make two more for them. That one was a winner all around!

That's it for today. Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Renee, Congrats! 15 days and 20 pounds...that is just awesome! Looking forward to checking in with you each day to see how you are doing. I have ordered hCG for myself and am expecting to start in a couple of weeks. Best wishes!

Renee said...

Thanks so much! Those couple of weeks waiting for hcg can seem like forever but the wait is certainly worth it!