Wednesday, September 5, 2007

VLCD Day 6

Injection #7
Loss Today: <1.2>
Loss Total: <13.4>

I'm back riding the injection train. And I was down again this morning.
I need to stop worrying myself at night as to what the scale will read in the morning. It's definitely a hard habit to break. I suppose it will simply take some time of these consistent numbers to get it through my thick skull that yes, this is working for me, too. I keep waiting for it to drop less than a pound - and I'm ready for that. It's the anticipation and nervousness that it might actually go up instead of down even though I've been following everything to the letter. I'll get it through my noggin eventually. Hopefully sooner than later.

Update: Beware - this could be defined as TMI.
Well, I was just thrown for a loop. I apparently just started my menses one week early. More than likely I had miscalculated and this could very well be the time when it was supposed to start anyway. However, I had planned on this happening in a week or so & me not injecting during that time. I'm thinking now though since I just skipped an injection yesterday (could that have caused my menses to start early?) and already injected today, that I'll see what happens if I keep on injecting. I'll have to see how it all affects me today as some have said that if they injected while on their menses their flow was greater and cramps stronger. If I have any problems, I'll just start skipping injections tomorrow while finishing the rest of my menses which usually only lasts a couple days. I certainly didn't expect this! More later...

Lunch: I already had lunch prepared so it was a grab & go situation for me today. I had chicken, cabbage, an apple, and grissini. I'm feeling a bit tired but I'm going to chalk that up to being pretty busy today and the cup of hot tea I drank not long ago.

Dinner: Well, hubby was gone, kids were fed, so I had some time to fix up something new for dinner. Before tossing my shrimp on the GF, I started whipping up & tweaking my recipe for on-protocol tomato soup. Yum yum yum. I ended up chopping up my grilled shrimp and tossing it in, along with part of my grissini. It was so warm and so filling and so delicious. It totally hit the spot of a yummy warm in my tummy soup. In a bit I'll be chomping up my apple & I'll be done for the day. Another one down!


BizAdventure said...

Girl, I injected right thru mine and so did JPS - no worries, nothing weird happened, weight loss still happened and it was really no different than being off of the HCG - except I had absolutely NO cramps. Your doing well!

Be prepared for a stall, but don't expect it. A gain? Don't worry about that unless you do something that is NOT on the protocol. It will work for you. I stalled like 7 different times during my round, and only gained once (.2 right before my period) - it's amazing but it works!

Renee said...

Thanks, Biz! I appreciate the response.

It just sort of took me by surprise this morning. :) Your words are truly reassuring. Thank you. Amazing is right!