Monday, September 24, 2007

VLCD Day 25

Injection #24
Loss Today: <.8>
Loss Total: <25.6>

Woohoo! There's that 25 pound mark! It seemed to take forever these last few days to get there but I did! So happy to see that one.

Lunch: I fixed baked cajun chicken with a side of celery and a grissini. The chicken was sooo moist and juicy - and spicy! Loved it. I also had an apple for my mid-morning snack.

Dinner: Feeling really under the weather this evening. I fixed french onion soup tossed in some chicken and called it a night. I can feel my throat swelling so I'm going to take a hot bath, pop some ibuprofen, and hit the hay. Hopefully that won't affect my loss too much in the morning.


BizAdventure said...

WOO HOO!!! You go girl! How does it feel to reach that milestone??? Pretty darn good I can just imagine!

I hope your little one is feeling better.

wecandoit3 said...

Awesome job reaching that milestone, Renee! Seriously, how DOES it feel? :)

Renee said...

Thanks, girls. :)

It does feel pretty darn amazing. Now to hit the next tens! ;)