Saturday, September 22, 2007

VLCD Day 23

Injection #22
Loss Today: <.4>
Loss Total: <24.6>

Another week has gone by so it's measurement time. I took them this morning and the new update is a total loss of 13.5 inches! My BMI has dropped about 4 points as well. I love those dropping numbers!

I'll be posting my weight, etc after a bit as it's not time yet this morning for my daily weigh-in. The boys' first football game is today so I'll need to make sure I eat lunch before that. They are already both out of bed and raring to go. And so the day begins. :)

Happy Saturday!

Lunch: Not much time so I grilled some chicken with a sliced tomato. I also chomped on an apple on the way to the game.

Dinner: Pre-dinner I fixed French Onion Soup with a grissini. Mmm mmm good. Even though it was a very hot day, that really hit the spot. Then later for dinner I prepared Wasabi Whitefish for everyone. I fix the husband's and mine a bit spicier than the boys', and everyone cleared it all out. Good stuff.


wecandoit3 said...

13.5"?! You go, girl! I have always had a thing with numbers anyway, so seeing the dropping numbers is just too awesome. :)

Please tell me, what do you include in your inches lost? I took a measurement of like every nook and cranny of my body, so I want to know what to really count!

Here's to a good weigh-in for you today and lots of fun at your boys' first football game. :)

Renee said...

Thanks, SB!

For my measurements I do the following:
Neck, Bicep, Forearm, Bust, Below Bust, Waist, Hips, Thigh, Calf.
I know some people do each arm, leg, and keep track of those - I don't.

The boys lost their first game but they had plenty of fun so they're still happy as can be. And it was HOT and I got a very very mild sunburn. I won't be surprised if that causes me to hold all my water today/tomorrow though. We shall see!

BizAdventure said...

Another couple of good recipes! WOO HOO!!! Great job on the site! Too cool! Your doing great, look at those inches just melting off of you Renee!!!!

Anonymous said...

Renee, you are an inspiration. Where do you get all your energy?


Renee said...


Thank you! How sweet of you to say. :)

I learned a long time ago that with twin boys, I either have to pull on my restores for extra energy or they will overrun me in a heartbeat. I'm still waiting for the 'euphoria' that some people speak of the hcg gives them. None of that here. In fact, it's only 9:30 and it feels like midnight. :)