Tuesday, September 11, 2007

VLCD Day 12

No Injection
Loss Today: <.4>
Loss Total: <17.6>

And the scale moves again. :) It seems so far I'm averaging about 1.46 lbs/day and that still blows me away. I'm so excited and thankful to be finally doing something that WORKS!

Lunch: I didn't have much time for lunch so I grilled up chicken and sided that with some cabbage and a grissini. And then I had my sweet apple for snack later.

Dinner: Again, no time to really prepare much so I warmed up some previously grilled chicken in a pan with some onions, tossed on some spices and I was good to go. I finished everything off with a strawberry smoothie. Good stuff.

After 2+ hours of football practice tonight, I'm complete wiped out. Hubby ended up having to stay in MN for an extra day so I'm missing him a bit as well. At least I get the bed to myself for another night. Even if I do miss him, I must admit that being able to sprawl out and hog all the covers and pillows every once in a while is pretty darn nice. Not to mention the absence of snoring.
Here's to being one day closer to the endzone!

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