Monday, September 17, 2007

VLCD Day 18

Injection #18
Loss Today: 0
Loss Total: <21.6>

There's that silly little zero rearing its ugly head again. Shoo shoo! Well - it happens. What can ya do? I'm sure it's just my body's way of balancing things out and I'm not going to stress about it. Too much. ;) It's funny though that it was almost exactly a week ago that the same thing happened. Perhaps my body just feels like it needs a weekly catch up? Who knows. Let it do what it wants to do as long as most days it gives me those losses.

Lunch: I ate an apple for my mid-morning snack. Then around lunchtime I was a bit rushed so I threw some chicken on the George Foreman with some ground pepper. When that finished just a few minutes later, I sliced up a tomato, tossed a tiny bit of Bragg Liquid Aminos onto my chicken and I was good to go. Plus my trusty grissini!

Dinner: Tonight I fixed my version of shrimp fried rice. Not exactly rice but it was really filling & yummy. And it certainly didn't give me that bloated feeling that rice always does. I also had strawberry sorbet for dessert. That one never fails!

Here's hoping the scale moves tomorrow. I know it will, but it always sits in the back of my mind that perhaps it won't after these 'zero' days mess with the little sense I have left.


Kim said...

Hi Renee,
My scale has not been moving fast at all over the last 10 days...only down 4 lbs! I know how it feels to see that scale not move. My Dr. says that I may be nearing the end of my weight loss journey. Personally I would like to drop 10 more! I have two more days of injections so we'll see what happens when I am on the restricted diet. I think I'll still drop a few more pounds, especially if I start to exercise as I have had a foreign urge to do so as of late, and then may be done! With your help, this really was easy. My sister is going to try the diet too, and I'm sure this site will be a huge support for her. Your journal is great, you truly have a gift for writing, and your recipes are unbelievable. Keep them coming!!!
Thanks Renee, Kim

Anonymous said...

I was slowing a little also.. Try eating fish twice a day. I started eating tilapia twice a day. I read this tip in the other Hcg yahoo forum. It got my loss back to a 1.5lb daily. Also try drinking a smooth move tea before bed when this happens. It helps keep things moving along.


Anonymous said...

Hey weight loss machine!
Just wanted to tell you "thanks" for the great blog. It really helps hearing your experiences and your excellent recipes (we had the boneless hot wings last night and loved it)! My husband and I are both doing this diet. Today is day #23 on VLCD for us-my husband is down 20 and I'm down 16 (I need to lose 30 to be at my goal weight)! We had a weak moment the other night so it delayed things but we joke that we are back in "food rehab". The results are worth it, and cheating isn't! Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience!

Gettin' rid of the chub pound by pound!
- Ed and Jennifer

BizAdventure said...

You know the drill, stalls happen. One thing is whenever I had a stall, I went and measured myself and inevitably I would have lost inches - inches are way more important to me than weight. Weight is just a number.

Shrimp fried rice eh????

wecandoit3 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your hCG experience and your recipes. They sound wonderfully yummy! Our hCG finally arrived today. It's been fun living vicariously through your blog entries while we waited. :) Looking forward to hearing more of your success!

Renee said...

Congrats on being so close to your goal! I've heard it gets much slower the closer you get so hang in there.
Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so glad the recipes have been of help to you. That makes me feel great!

Thanks for the tip. I don't always like whitefish but I'll be trying to incorporate more of it into my diet.

Ed & Jennifer-
Thanks!!! I'm so happy you enjoyed the boneless wings. That's one of my kids favorites as well. I love spice foods so that one is a keeper!
Congrats on the great loss so far! Keep it up!

Thanks, biz. Just keep drilling that into my head and one of these days I might know it know it instead of just knowing it. Ya know? ;)

Great! It's wonderful to have you here!

Kim said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the words of encouragement. Looks like I'm not actually nearing the end...saw my Dr. today and he put me on two more weeks. I really wasn't ready to stop anyway.

Whole foods has a sale on Chilean Sea Bass and I'm going to get some tomorrow. I have a feeling the fish will help, besides, I need a change from chicken! Anyone know if Sea Bass is on the plan?

Keep up with the water. I bought a gallon sized jug and drink from that all day to make sure I am getting enough. Can't believe I'm still thirsty the morning after a day of drinking over a gallon of water!


Karen0 said...

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