Saturday, September 15, 2007

VLCD Day 16

Injection #16
Loss Today: <1.0>
Loss Total: <21.0>

Another one bites the dust! Yes, I was actually hopping around my kitchen singing that after seeing another one of those pounds drop off my bod. It was also measuring time so I took my measurements. After two weeks, I'm already down 11.5 inches! That's nothing short of phenomenal to me. I'm so excited!

I had to run out to Target the other day to buy a new food processor and I was wearing my ol' stretchy yoga pants. They were literally falling off of me while I was walking through the store. I had to have one hand on my pants and the other on the cart. I couldn't believe it! It will be nice to finally be down to a size again where there is not one bit of elastic in the waistband. I have lots of size 12s cargo pants, etc sitting around that are just waiting for me to get there. And then, I'll be working towards those size 6/8s that are hidden in the back of my closet. Someday! It will still be a while, but I'm finally in a mindset where I know I will be there eventually. And that feels wonderful.

Lunch: I just might have had the best lunch I've had so far on this protocol. Mmmmm. I fixed fried chicken tenders with some homemade buffalo wing sauce (I'll add that recipe later this weekend), tomato soup, and a baked apple. I'm finding there's really no reason for anyone to think this protocol is anything close to a diet. The food can be just as (or even moreso) wonderful than so-called 'normal' food. Love it! I'm not sure what's happening for dinner yet, that all depends on how my evening goes. More to come...

Dinner: We ended up getting free tickets to see the Wizards tonight so I had to toss together a meal I could take with me. I ended up making boneless hot wings with hot sauce and a side of celery. Perfect! I certainly got in my water after eating those. :)

It ended up being a wonderful night and I wasn't even tempted with all the nachos and hot dogs and (mmmm) beers rolling by. They let you carry in sealed bottles of water so I loaded up the kids & hubby and I was all set with filling up on water while we were there. And we won! In the end, so did I with absolutely no cheating here. Another day down!


BizAdventure said...

Ok, this round is gonna be SO MUCH BETTER than the last round! I have your fantastic recipes to tide me over! GEESH! Do you know how much I love HOT WINGS??? LOL - I am doing your hot chicken tenders today - mmmmmm - with celery and only DREAM of blue cheese! HA!

Renee said...

You're so sweet, biz! I hope you enjoy them!