Friday, September 28, 2007

VLCD Day 29

Injection #27
Loss Today: <.8>
Loss Total: <28.4>

Today I am so incredibly moody that I almost wish I could detach from myself for the day. And it's only 10am. At least it's only usually one day that I have to put up with myself being this way, now if only my period would hurry the heck up. Also, I have gotten none of this so-called euphoria that others have talked about while on hcg. I'm still just me. No more energy, no less energy. I've always been the energetic sort, however, so maybe that has something do with it. Who knows.

I'm off to the store. To replace two cups that came broken with my new set of dishes. Erg.

Lunch: I had an apple for my mid-morning snack. One of the best honeycrisp I've ever tasted. Perfect.

Later I fixed my version of a french dip with a side of onion rings. I'm still stuffed! Tonight I'm having soup. I'll try to remember to post that recipe later this evening.

Dinner: For once I actually stuck with my planned meals for the day and didn't switch it up last minute. I prepared some Cioppino with a grissini on the side. I couldn't even finish it all, but I made sure to eat all the protein in it.

Tomorrow is measurements day!


BizAdventure said...

Girl? I never got that energetic feeling. When I was pregnant? I got the best sleep I have ever gotten. On HCG I get really GOOD sleep. I could sleep right now if I allow myself. Is it lack of energy? Or just my body trying to play catch up cause every other time I push it too hard?

Do you realize that we are taking care of ourselves for the first time in a LONG while? Our bodies are repaying us by making us relax!

I hope you feel better soon.

Renee said...

HEY! I didn't get an email that you had left a comment. Shame on that silly blogspot gremlin!

Whew. Now that's something I can relate to. Yesterday 4pm hit and I was needing a nap. Today, it's 4:15, and again I would give anything for a solid 20 mins of shuteye.

I was thinking the same thing. It feels really good (and self-empowering) to be finally doing something for ME. As moms, we usually put ourselves last. It feels wonderful to focus on myself for a change.

Thanks, biz. :)